Introducing the 3D City Pack!

I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “City Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with my buddy Remco over at We’ve created a huge pack with over 20 city themed models, 3 full 3D environments, 16 graffiti C4D textures and 40 image textures. I really hope this pack will be helpful to you!

3 Complete 3D Environments

20 City Themed Models

Road Sign Generator

16 Graffiti C4D Textures, Pre-Keyed and Prepared in a .lib4D File



Over 35 Image Textures Including 3 Seamless Textures


The models all include textures. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time!

NOTE: These models will NOT work in versions previous to R12.

The graffiti artwork is done by Yerikho Naektua and is used with permission. Check out his work here:

The roadsign vectors were created by Fuzzimo and used with permission. For more free vectors go to

Many of these models are worth over $20 individually so we have again provided a great deal in the hopes of making this affordable for everyone! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at:


This pack includes:

  • Three complete environments, an Alley, an Office and a Train Tunnel
  • Alley Pipes
  • Construction elements including various road blocks and cones
  • Dumpsters
  • Fire escape stairs
  • Fire hydrants
  • Guard rail for beside roads
  • A skateboarding/biking half-pipe
  • Mailboxes
  • Neon sign that is very easy to customize
  • Newspaper stand
  • Park bench
  • Parking ticket machine
  • Railroad crossing elements
  • Road sign that is very easy to customize
  • Sewer cover (manhole cover)
  • Trash can
  • Road Sign Generator: Choose from 96 signs, 6 Post styles and 2 Bolt styles and quickly create a custom road sign.
  • 16 hand drawn graffiti textures, pre keyed, in a .lib4D file so you can easily access them in your content browser.
  • Over 35 image textures, including 3 seamless textures, perfect for textured design work in 2D or 3D



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41 Responses
  1. Christophe

    Yeah another great one, now there are four !
    As I didn’t purchased anyone yet, is there a chance for an overall pack of these 4 packs with maybe a discounted price ? Thanks to let me know.

  2. fasteddie

    Awesome work as always guys! As usual I will be purchasing to help support the best c4d site on the net. Please don’t ever stop! Happy christmas everyone!

  3. Hey Christophe, I don’t have any plans for bundling packs at this point, hopefully we priced them low enough for you. If that ever changes I will let you know, but as of now, no plans. Cheers!

  4. Christophe

    That’s fine Joren ! Just wanted to know before buying a couple of pack I want for Xmas. I’m OK with the price tag since I want to support this site.
    Maybe when there’ll be five or more packs, an option to buy three or more at once would be great for guys just starting on PixelLab …
    Anyway, I think the City Pack will be a great complement to the City Kit from GreyscaleGorilla … I’m already thinking using it to be able to zoom into the city, with close-ups filled with your pack !!
    Thanx again.

  5. Sweet, Chad!! Hey, make sure to read my note on the environments. That office is super detailed/dense, but looks amazing. If you want to navigate easily, change your viewport to lines, or turn off everything but the floor or something while you set up your animations. Also, you can probably turn the sky off and GI off and make some tweaks if it takes too long to render. It looks amazing if you have time for rendering though!!

  6. Hey Joren!
    I’ve purchased 3 of your packs which I love! One suggestion is that the come with a .lib4d package so they can be placed in my presets/library folder.

    Or maybe I am overlooking something, either way great packs! Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much David, for supporting the site! I really appreciate it!
    Your suggestion is very good, I will keep that in mind for future products. Thanks for mentioning!

  8. gateleys

    I don’t have access to C4D. Can I import the City pack assets directly into AE CS 5.5? For example, I am interested in using the 3D environments (train tunnel, alley, office) in AE with my actors footage (created through green screen… alpha). How do I go about it, if it is possible? Steps to follow or Pointers to any tutorials would be great. Thanks.

  9. Hey Gateleys, unfortunately there is no way to do that. These are 3D models and must be opened in a 3D software package, then the camera move created is rendered out and brought into After Effects to composite. Sorry mate.

  10. The only problem is that, why .c4d format?

    i have to buy cinema 4d only to use your models?
    i am a blender user, sorry, creating them myself looks more financial to me.

  11. gateleys

    Hi Joren,

    I guess my earlier comment (#24) now makes sense with VCP releasing the Element 3D plugin for AE. I hope you guys continue to develop classy 3D objects that can be imported into E3D. Any comments? Thanks.

  12. Hey Gateleys, Yeah, it’s a very interesting development! I’m interested to see what limitations he has on 3D objects as far as how high quality it can handle. We’ll have to wait and see just how big of a game changer this will be!

  13. gateleys

    Joren, I would love to see your blog regarding E3D and its capacity to handle HQ external 3D objects. And it would be great if you could prepare a video tutorial that exhibits an integration of your objects with E3D in AE, illustrating, both, the strength and limitations of Andrew Kramer’s (before its release, what looks like a) revolutionary product for those with 3D tools handicap. Thank you for your contribution to the VFX community.

  14. Daniel

    OK, Would be nice if you guys could offer them in .obj or 3ds max files because I’m using 3DS Max. And .obj is a universal format, so that would be quite nice!
    Anyways, Good job on these!

  15. Daniel: I’m in the process of figuring out the workflow of transferring models to .obj so the textures come across correctly. I’m also considering making .3ds version of the packs, so keep you eyes on the blog for updates. Thanks!

  16. Will Frazier

    Hey Joren,

    I just want to say first that it is an awesome thing you have going on here. I myself have a number of these packs including, Kitchen, Video Production, Music, City, and Tech. Of these, the only one I felt that wasn’t quite up to snuff was the Music Pack, as the proportions on many of the models are way off (like the stomp boxes… way too thin, same with the acoustic guitar). No biggie.. something tells me it was one of the earlier ones, as the quality has been steadily increasing with each new pack you produce.

    I have only two wishes. The first has to do with the .lib4d files. These are awesome, and are quite the time saver. I only wish that every pack was set up in this way. With, for example the city pack… it’s going to take me awhile to bring all of those models in and render preview thumbnails for them all, and as I am sure you know, time is the #1 premium in our biz. I’d be willing to pay an extra $10-15 for packs that include this.

    My second wish has to do with the organization of some models. Occasionally one is set up to be animated straight away, but many times they are not (like the camera crane in the Video Production Pack). I am not asking or expecting a bunch of sweet pre-done rigs, but at least organizing the hierarchy of the model in a way that lends itself to being animated would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess more than anything, I am looking for consistency across the packs.

    I hope you don’t take this as anything other than constructive feedback from a paying customer who only wants to help improve the quality of your product. There is no one else out there doing this kind of thing, and I am extremely appreciative of your efforts.


    1. Hey Will, thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll keep your advice in mind for our future packs. Thanks for purchasing, and for sharing your thoughts!

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