Event/Exhibition Pack: Over 50 C4D models!

Pixel Lab Events And Exhibition Pack

I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Events & Exhibition Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 50 elements including 8 full 3D environments that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for concerts, events, conferences and exhibitions.

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Venue-Hotel-Version2-Dressed-C4D-3D-Model Venue-Hotel-Version2-Alternate-Dressed-C4D-3D-Model Venue-Hotel-Empty-C4D-3D-Model Venue-Hotel-C4D-3D-Model1

Conference-Room-Event-3D-C4D-Model Truss-Winch-Stand-C4D-3D-Xpresso-Rig-Model Stool2 Stool-C4D-3D-Model Steel-Deck-2-C4D-3D-Model Steel-Deck-1-C4D-3D-Model Standing-Microphone-Mics-C4D-Models Stage-Builder-C4D-3D-Xpresso-Rig-Model Spotlight-Rigged-C4D-3D-Model Spotlight-C4D-3D-Model Round-Table-C4D-3D-Model Projectors-C4D-3D-Model Projector-Screen-3D-C4D-Model Pop-Up-Graphic-Banner-C4D-3D-Model Pop-Up-Banner-2-C4D-3D-Model Podium-Microphones-3D-C4D-Model Podium-8-C4D-3D-Model Podium-7-C4D-3D-Model Podium-6 Podium-5-3D-C4D-Model Podium-4-C4D-3D-Model Podium-3-C4D-3D-Model Podium-2-C4D-3D-Model Podium-1-Built-in-screen-3D-C4D-Model Plain-Conference-Table-3D-Model Marquee-Tent-C4D-3D-Model Low-Poly-Speaker-3D-Model-C4D Low-Poly-Speaker-2-3D-C4D-Model Low-Poly-Monitor-TV-Display-C4D-3D-Model Low-Poly-Display-Computer LED-Spotlight-3D-C4D-Model LED-Batton-Uplighter-2-C4D-3D-Model LED-Batton-Uplighter-1-C4D-3D-Model Gazebo-Tent-Marquee-3D-Model-C4D Fancy-Conference-Table-3D-C4D-Model Expo-Hall-3D-Model-C4D-Scene Exhibition-Stall Conference-Seating-Xpresso-Rig-C4D-3D-Model   Chairs-3D-C4D-Model Ceiling-Spotlight-3D-C4D-ModelBooth-Curtain-3D-C4D-ModelFolding-Table-3D-C4D-Model-Xpresso-Rig Cafeteria-Restraurant2-3D-C4D-Model Cafeteria-Restraurant-3D-C4D-Model


The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures. NOTE: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12. You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time!

Many of these models are worth well over $30 individually so we have again provided a great deal in the hopes of making this affordable for everyone! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

This pack includes the following C4D models:

  • Booth Curtain 3D Model
  • Cafeteria/Restaurant Full 3D Environment Model
  • Ceiling Spotlight 3D Model
  • Chairs 3D Model
  • Conference Room Full 3D Environment (Dressed and Empty)
  • Conference Seating Xpresso Rig
  • Exhibition Stall 3D Model
  • Expo Hall Full 3D Environment Model
  • Fancy Conference Table 3D Model
  • Folding Table Xpresso Rigged to Animated
  • Gazebo Tent Marquee 3D Model
  • LED Batton Uplighter 3D Model
  • LED Batton Uplighter 2 3D Model
  • Rigged LED Spotlight with 15 Different Gobo Textures
  • Low Poly Display Laptop
  • Low Poly Monitor
  • Low Poly Speaker 1 3D Model
  • Low Poly Speaker 2 3D Model
  • Marquee Tent 3D Model
  • Plain Conference Table 3D Model
  • Podium 1 with Built in Screen 3D Model
  • Podium 2 Metal 3D Model
  • Podium 3 Basic Acrylic 3D Model
  • Podium 4 Acrylic 3D Model
  • Podium 5 Acrylic Metal Bars 3D Model
  • Podium 6 Acrylic 3D Model
  • Podium 7 Truss 3D Model
  • Podium 8 Uplighters 3D Model
  • 2 Podium Microphones 3D Model
  • Freestanding Microphones: 4 versions 3D Models
  • Pop Up Graphics Banner Small 3D Model
  • Pop Up Graphics Banner Tall 3D Model
  • Projectors: Low Poly, Medium and High Poly 3D Models
  • Projector Screen 3D Model
  • Round Table 3D Model
  • Spotlight 3D Model
  • Stage Builder Xpresso Rig for Customized Stages
  • Steel Deck Platform 1 3D Model
  • Steel Deck Platform 2 3D Model
  • Stool 1 3D Model
  • Stool 2 3D Model
  • Truss Winch Stand Xpresso Rigged to Animate
  • Venue Hotel Dressed full 3D Environment
  • Venue Hotel Empty full 3D Environment
  • Venue Hotel #2 Dressed full 3D Environment
  • Venue Hotel #2 Alt. Dressed full 3D Environment



    1. Simon Spencer-Harvey
      Simon Spencer-Harvey03-04-2014

      Looks cool, thanks

    2. Steele Rutherford
      Steele Rutherford03-04-2014

      Would these work in Element 3D?

      • Joren

        Unfortunately they are only for C4D. Sorry!

        • Simon Spencer-Harvey
          Simon Spencer-Harvey03-04-2014

          I guess some of these these could be baked and exported as FBX’s.
          However with AfterEffect CC with the free C4D lite, Element 3D is a little obsolete

          • Fremox

            I don’t agree with you about Element 3D…

            Even with the latest versions of AfterEffects (which contains effectively a standalone C4D Lite version and a cool plugin called Cineware, making the bridge between the two softwares a breath), Element 3D is still really helpful, since it offers a real-time view of what your are working on, which is still not the case of Cineware with C4D Lite.

            Plus, Element 3D offers really cool animating methods like explode multi-objects, duplicate particles, that the Lite version of C4D could not achieve natively.
            I really love C4D, but in order to create something really interesting in animation, you often need a superior version, so a most expensive one (like the Broadcast or the Studio one)..

            Anyway, i really love both of them (Element 3D and C4D), i just wanted to write about my own opinion and defense Element 3D a bit…

      • phil maron
        phil maron01-21-2016

        If they are .c4d (or obj) they are fully working in element3d. so what is their file format 🙂

        • Joren

          They are .c4d. You could maybe bring them into Element, but most likely they will import wrong and with no textures. Element doesn’t truly support .c4d files perfectly…

    3. gabriel Rios
      gabriel Rios03-04-2014

      Thanks for all the cool models that are an excellent bargain, keep up the good work Joren!

    4. David Jolosky
      David Jolosky03-04-2014

      Wow!!! that’s all i can say for this one. What at timesaver for someone like me in the events industry!

      Pedestrian Question : is there any way to globally change the color of the viewport labels (controls for the stage rig) from white background to something like black. or is this hardwired into your rig?


    5. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot03-04-2014

      25% off? Are you MAD!? I’m buying this first thing tomorrow for full price. This should be $500! Thanks, Joren.

      • Joren

        Haha, thanks for the kind words Rogue Robot, I appreciate it! 🙂

        • Jeffrie

          This is great! This will be helpful for those who are in architectural profession .
          Keep it up Joren!

    6. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot03-05-2014

      By the way – I’d love to Tweet the hell out of this pack and tell everyone. But I’d hate for clients to find out how much I actually pay for these models, so I’m afraid I’ll have to keep quiet about it! Keep up the amazing work!

    7. Oliver

      Holy shit! All this for $50 ? You and your team sure is a game changer!

    8. ken ochieng
      ken ochieng03-13-2014

      cool staff mate,inspiration galore

    9. Fausta Germani
      Fausta Germani03-13-2014

      Big work and in a very small price, great Joren!

    10. jOHN dOE
      jOHN dOE03-13-2014

      Thanks for your effort, i would like to know whether these models are textured or not.Thank you

      • Joren

        Yes, they are textured, just like in the advertising images.

    11. Richard

      I work with Rhino 3D and I was wondering if the files are just C4D or do you also supply OBJ or any other format?

      • Joren

        Hey Richard, unfortunately we only provide .c4d files, sorry about that!

    12. HellasCAD Studio
      HellasCAD Studio05-01-2014

      Awesome work! Your package came just in time, as I am entering the events world! Thanks a million!

    13. Paul

      Hello, Joren

      Nice work. You should think about video demos of your products. Because it is better than just pics. Your sells will rise up. And the people could see your products in action before they buy anything.

      Sorry for bad english.

      Best regards,

    14. William

      Thank you, awesome work!

    15. Rui Lousão
      Rui Lousão07-03-2014


      The rendering of the images was done in vray?


      • Joren

        Hey Rui, no the renders were done in the standard C4D render engine…

    16. Bryan

      Amazing product! Thanks so much for providing incredible value!

    17. TODD

      Hey Joren, I’ve bought stuff before on another machine…does that mean a buy a new set for this one?
      Let me know!


    18. Duncan

      Hi Joren,

      Would there be any chance of getting these scenes setup for Vray?

      • Joren

        Duncan, unfortunately I don’t use Vray so we don’t have any plans for that at the moment. Sorry about that!

    19. Laurent

      Hi Joren,
      Great work !!!!
      Could you just explain how to change gobo texture on Mac 500 please ?
      Thx again

      • Joren

        Hey Laurent, just twirl open the hierarchy for Mac500, there is a “cylinder” you can also twirl open. Inside is a “gobo” disc which has the gobo material on it. Just drag and drop one of the other gobo textures onto it and you can change it. Cheers!

    20. Dave Vizurant
      Dave Vizurant01-22-2016

      Will this modelpack soon available for Element3D?

      • Joren

        At the moment we have no plans to convert to Element, sorry about that!

    21. David

      I know Element 3D won’t import the textures correctly, but could I import the files … Why do you not export the Models as.obj as well?

      • Joren

        Hey David, you could probably import the .c4d files into Element, they certainly wouldn’t come textured and some of the features of the model might not work. At this point we are sticking with only Cinema4D unfortunately, sorry for the trouble! If we decide it’s worthwhile to go in and convert everything I will let you know!

    22. Eric Sikora
      Eric Sikora04-21-2016

      Can I use these models in Blender?

      • Joren

        Unfortunately you will need C4D to use them. You could probably export them out as .obj or something else and open in Blender, but you would still need C4D to do that…

    23. Fred LB
      Fred LB03-08-2017

      Very nice work !!

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