Free C4D 3D Model: Jeep Vehicle

Holy epic free model! Remco spent a lot of time on this one, a free C4D 3D Jeep model. So awesome! Huge thanks to Remco for being so generous, make sure to give him a shout out in the comments. Like always, the model is free for personal or commercial use.

To get the model you just have to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and you will receive download instructions and password. If you’re already on the e-mail newsletter simply search for a previous e-mail from me. All the e-mails I send include the URL/Password for our exclusive free model section.

Also, I just updated the download to include a Octane version! So, if you use Octane we have one version that is 100% textured and prepared for you. Enjoy!


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    1. Rick Ellis
      Rick Ellis01-07-2015

      That is a great looking jeep!

    2. kevinbelleza

      nice model. this is very useful model in my future project. thank you

    3. tatang

      Great looking jeep

    4. Paul

      Very nice, great job!.

    5. bluewave75

      Very nice, great job!

    6. Phil


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