I’m excited to announce the winner of the model pack! It was a close one, but the winner goes to Peter Christofferson for his fantastic pistol ring model. Not only is the modeling great but the texturing is amazing and it even has an expresso rig to easily modify some parameters. Excellent job, Peter!

A huge thanks to everybody for participating. All of the models look absolutely amazing! I hope you all had fun. I already sent out an e-mail with a link to download the free pack. If you’re on my newsletter you will receive it (check your spam if you don’t see it). If you want the pack, please join the newsletter to gain access to all the free models including this Weapons Pack.

I hope you enjoyed the contest! Have a great week everybody!

Free C4D Weapons Models included in the pack are:

1. Free Halo Gun 3D Model by Alae Hatoum

2. Free Battle Axe 3D Model by Ben Grassini

3. Free Handbow 3D Model by fluxx.tv

4. Free Ray Gun 3D Model by ITV Teacher

5. Free Crossbow 3D Model by Julian Salamanca

6. Free Hand Gun 3D Model by Julian Salamanca

7. Free Lightning Gun 3D Model by Dusan Vukcevic aka Vudumotion

8. Free Sci Fi Gun 3D Model by Luke Wittig

9. Free Pistol Ring 3D Model by Peter Christofferson

10. Free Naval Cannon 3D Model by Rick Dellis

11. Free Axe 3D Model by Shane Cappelle

12. Free Needle Gun 3D Model by Sock Gardener