Free C4D 3D Model: Pocket Watch


Jim Field has done it again. This time he’s giving us a free C4D pocket watch model! Make sure to leave Jim a thank you in the comments if you have a minute. Huge thanks to him for sharing so much with our community!

Click here to download the free C4D Pocket Watch Model

    1. Leonard

      Thank you very much, mr. Jim

    2. Joe

      I was amazed when I rendered it! Thanks, for such a generous gift,

    3. Dean Mann
      Dean Mann01-12-2016

      Excellent model, thank you for sharing it,

    4. John M
      John M01-12-2016

      Awesome detail inside!

    5. Kevin F
      Kevin F01-12-2016

      Excellent work, Jim. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Keep up the great work.

    6. John

      Thank you so much Jim! This model is amazing! so much detail :D!!!!!

    7. Mark Johnson
      Mark Johnson01-12-2016

      So generous of you to share this beautiful model, Jim. Thank you!

    8. Jeff

      Will this work well with gearbuilder plugin? Maybe I’ll try it 🙂 !!

    9. Doc aktati
      Doc aktati01-12-2016

      So intricate looking….and timely….thanks Jim me lad…..

    10. Gary Lockhart
      Gary Lockhart01-12-2016

      Thanks for the model!!

    11. Jeff Petersn
      Jeff Petersn01-12-2016

      Very nice. I have done a lot of pocket watch macro photography, so I really appreciate the beauty! Thank You!

    12. Spliffy

      Thanks so much for the time you put into making this stuff.Its really nice that’s its free

    13. Renato Kromado
      Renato Kromado01-12-2016

      Muito obrigado

    14. Mike

      Fantastic work !

    15. eliocide

      The word is craftsmanship. A nice piece of craftsmanship. Thanks.

    16. Koboh

      Thank YOU, Jim ! Great work !!!! 🙂

    17. Arne Fjord Rasmussen
      Arne Fjord Rasmussen01-13-2016

      Thank you very much – it’s very beautifu

    18. Joel

      Thank you Sr. You are a big help in the comunity!!!

    19. Brigitte

      Thanks a lot for this awesome model!

    20. lanre olagunju
      lanre olagunju01-13-2016


    21. Виталий

      Спасибо ОГРОМНЕЙШЕЕ !!!

    22. wazir

      عمل رائع و جميل، شكرا

    23. Daniel

      Sensacional! Agradecido!

    24. Phill

      Amazing, lots to dissect and analyse here. Thanks for sharing.

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