Free C4D 3D Model: Radio Tower

Free C4D Moder Radio Tower Antenna

Here she is, the winning submission of the first ever “Win Remco for a Day” contest.

This radio tower is completely free, for commercial or personal use, no strings attached. It was made with C4D R12. There is also a .OBJ file in the download if you don’t have R12 or C4D. Go ahead and download and throw it into your library. Please note, the HDRI used will be missing, since I can’t add it to the download. It is a free HDRI though, so you can download it and relink yourself. You can find it by clicking here. (It’s the first thumbnail on this page).

If you make anything cool with the radio tower we would love to see! Enjoy! Click here to download.

Also, RogueRobot was so kind as to convert the model to an Videocopilot Element 3D ready version! Click here to download the Element 3D Version.

    1. Christopher

      You might as well throw a quick-tip about modeling lightning-fast, too! Remco produces such high-quality models in such a short period of time, it’s just crazy!

    2. shuvra

      great share ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks & a special thanks to Remco too ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Bryan Godoy
      Bryan Godoy08-09-2011

      Much appreciated.

    4. Gerhard

      Cool Stuff, how long did it actually take to build it? It looks incredibly detailed…

    5. remco

      Hi Gerhard, took me about half a day, so lets say 4 hours. Have fun with it!

    6. Charles Rowland
      Charles Rowland08-09-2011

      HOLY CRAP! That is awesome… that would have taken me at least 1000 years to get half of it done…. just wow…

    7. Dani-Sang

      that is indeed lighting fast…. Quick tip season modeling please :P?

    8. Michael

      i like that! thanks!

    9. Ricky

      Totally agree… fast indeed and such a high quality… Good job Remco!

    10. andyweak

      wow, that was quick! Looks great. Thanks Joren and Remco!

    11. Andrew Killoy
      Andrew Killoy08-09-2011

      Awesome work as always. Any chance we’ll see some modeling tutorials from you in the future? Maybe on GSG? Also, not to be too picky, is there anyway to open the file in 11.5? I know … I need to upgrade.

    12. FragPl0x

      @Andrew Killoy, only if someone is nice enough to export the model to a different file format for you! Unfortunately right now I don’t have access to my C4D so I can’t help you though, sorry!

    13. Joren

      Hey guys, I’m at work now, but when I get home I’ll convert it to an .OBJ and upload it so you can have that as an option as well. Check back soon, Andrew!

    14. Joren

      Ok guys, there is now a .OBJ version in the folder. Also, if any of your would be interested in .OBJ version of the Tech or Transportation packs, just let me know. Thanks! Hope you guys find good use with the Radio Tower! Cheers,

    15. Lu


      the quality and detail vibes transmit right from the tower!
      And it’s all hand-made in a matter of hours.

      Dear Master Craftsman – Thank You!

    16. Francis Francia
      Francis Francia08-10-2011

      Looking really good!

      We appreciate all the work you’re doing Joren.

      This is a great site!

    17. Andrew Killoy
      Andrew Killoy08-10-2011


      Thanks! That’s amazingly generous and cool of you. Much appreciated.


    18. Drakken

      Thanks You Very Much! you’re a saviour!

    19. Paul Crum
      Paul Crum09-22-2011

      Wow…this is a great model

    20. Jorge Barrionuevo
      Jorge Barrionuevo10-27-2011

      OMG! thanks you! much appreciated!

      Now the little station on my little town gonna be huge!,of course in fantasy XD

    21. Mr.Evil-studio

      wonderful i like it

    22. Mike

      Thank you very very much itยดs great!!! Much Appreciated

    23. smokeyc4d

      Thank you!

    24. jason

      i used it here for a creative allies contest:

    25. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot11-01-2012

      Just converted this to element3d. Would it be ok to post it?

    26. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel11-01-2012

      Sure, go ahead and post it!

    27. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot11-02-2012

      Here is the Radio Tower converted for Element 3d.
      Hopefully I have done this right – let me know any issues if not.

    28. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot11-02-2012

      Hmm – thought the URL would appear. Here it is..

      Also just done the Traffic Light so that’s up soon.

    29. Joren

      Awesome! Thanks so much my friend, I appreciate it!

    30. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot11-02-2012

      So it works ok?
      It’s the least I could do, after you and Remco have been so generous.

    31. Joren

      Works great! I put a link up in the main post too. Thanks again!

    32. Klovis

      Great ! Very nice model. And the Element version also.
      Thank you!

    33. dryson

      Remco you should be working for ILM.

    34. Nqobizitha

      thanks for this. just what I needed on a telecomms project in Zimbabwe. Didnt have time to model!

    35. sasa

      thanks its very usefull.thanks again

    36. Ray

      Hello! The model is absolutely awesome! Just a question… How can I obtain the same reflexions as you did?

      • Joren

        You probably need to add a .hdri to the scene to have reflections. Just google “adding reflections with .hdr c4d” and you can find a bunch of resources for it. Cheers!

        • Ray

          Thank you! I’ve searched some HDR-s and applied them. It works, the only problem in that the hdr is not applied on the main body of the tower. The red and white zones looks like plastic. Hope I’ve made myself clear. I’m not a native english speaker.

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