Free C4D Model: 3D Wooden Hand Rigged


I have a really cool model from Matías Furno who is a motion designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He created a 3D wooden hand rig for Cinema4D. It has xpresso so you can animate it easily. It’s prepared with Octane materials and lighting, but would be easy to re-texture if you just have the regular C4D render engine. Make sure to drop by his Behance page and thank him: Enjoy!


If you have any cool resources to share with the community please let me know, I’d love to spread the word. E-mail me: [email protected]


Click to download free C4D 3D Wooden Hand Model/Rig

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  1. Sherman

    Any chance you can do a tutorial on how you textured the hand in the the still shots? Trying to figure out how to get that metal with age look…

    Thank you for the freebies!

  2. Thank you so much Joren and Matias! I always look forward to the awesome items that you share with us. Your generosity is appreciated so much by all who know you! This one will be fun to play with.

  3. zaphod

    I would like to add a second post for asking a tutorial how you got that nice aged textures done!
    anyway BIG thanks for that great hand-rig!!!

    1. I asked Matias how he made it and this is his response: “for the metal texture! i created a uv of the model first… and then i painted in photoshop and bodypaint the texture….” So the texture is quite customized to the model. I believe this tutorial might be another way to achieve the effect:

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