Free C4D Model: BBQ Grill

Summer is almost here my friends! That means lots of sunshine and grilling. I wanted to make sure you are aware of this free 3D model of a bbq grill that Remco is giving away. Again, a big thanks to Remco for being so generous.

Like usual don’t use the model for resale but besides that you can use it for anything you want. Have a happy summer!

Download Free C4D Barbecue Grill Model

4 Responses
  1. Michael F.

    Thanks for this model.
    I will use it for an invitation card for my parents to have them here for a BBQ next weekend…

    Greetings from Germany,
    Michael F.

  2. paul pratt

    thanks for all your free 3d items you give out. Great company! Can you put more description of the sets of 3d you sale, because I haven’t found the specs in some of them for AE?

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