Free C4D Model: Biolab Virus Container!

Biolab Virus Container Free C4D Model Laboratory

I have a great free model for you today courtesy of Ivan van de Velde! It’s a free C4D biolab virus container. Make sure to check out Ivan’swork at



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Huge thanks to Ivan! If you have anything cool to share with the community, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] I would love to help spread the word!

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  1. Dirk Eberhardt
    Dirk Eberhardt12-16-2013

    Hello Ivan,

    outstanding model – thank you very much for sharing.

    Best Regards, Dirk

    • VanDe Velde Ivan
      VanDe Velde Ivan12-16-2013

      Thanks for the nice comments looking, forward to make more free models

  2. Jason

    Are you a fan by chance of the Jurassic Park Builder app? This tube looks just like the one that lights up when trying to decode/evolve a dinosaur!

    • Joren

      Never heard of it, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. david

    thank you for you made for us

  4. david

    thank you

  5. Biagio

    That’s awesome. I own the entire pixel lab collection, and it’s great. Seeing all the freebies that get added here regularly is amazing.

    Ivan — great job. Look s really good and now I’m actively trying to come up with a reason to use it in one of our shows.


    • VanDe Velde Ivan
      VanDe Velde Ivan12-16-2013

      appreciate the nice comments, any reason is good lol looking forward to see it in action.

  6. frankduran

    i can’t download the model. what can i do.

    • Joren

      Did you try a different browser maybe?

  7. Brigitte Thiele
    Brigitte Thiele12-17-2013

    Great job! Many thanks for sharing!

  8. bruno

    greaat !!!

  9. Johny5

    Wow! ur an incredible artist Ivan! thank you for sharing and being so generous and thank you too Joren! btw, Joren and Ivan, do u two do Freelance work?

    • Joren

      I’m not sure if Ivan does or not but I’m a full time freelance motion designer.

    • VanDe Velde Ivan
      VanDe Velde Ivan12-18-2013

      Thanks a lot but i am just starting out my own company, and joren gives motion designers a chance to show our work on his website so i wil leave it up to him

  10. juan eduardo gudiño
    juan eduardo gudiño12-18-2013

    gracias por compartir tus conocimientos. yo estoy empezando a usarlo. un abrazo…

  11. Diego

    Great model!! thank you very much!!!!

  12. Manny Chen
    Manny Chen12-22-2013

    it’s so amazing,thank you every much

  13. Dave Woodhull
    Dave Woodhull12-23-2013

    Hi Joren,

    For some reason I can not download the model. I am registered to receive the newsletter.

    Thanks, Dave

  14. winchory

    THNX men this is cool !!!! WOW

  15. Thomas

    Really Awesome ,thank you!

  16. Prostipute noire
    Prostipute noire05-18-2014

    Je publie un petit commentaire afin de féliciter son auteur

  17. Ameth

    Nice Job is very awesome

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