Free C4D Model: Dresser, Drawer, Cabinet Furniture

Free C4D Model Drawer Cabinet Furniture Wood Dresser

Got a new C4D model freebie for you from Remco! I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, I believe it’s a Dresser, a Wooden Drawer Set or a Cabinet. Could be anything. It’s a C4D 3D model of a fancy piece of wooden furniture with drawers for your interior decorating. It also comes with a really nice tiled floor which you could use for tons of stuff.


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    1. Matias

      Great job!!!

    2. AiTor

      thanks, c4d!!!!

    3. Mic


    4. thomas hatcher
      thomas hatcher12-16-2013

      very cool stuff you guys are doing…amazing!

    5. Manny Chen
      Manny Chen12-22-2013

      it’s so amazing,thank you every much

    6. bu

      thank you

    7. Jens

      Thank you / Danke sehr

    8. sara

      Thank you very much Joren

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