Free C4D Model: Sci-Fi Head Sculpt

Scifi Head C4D Free 3D Model Cinema4D

Another freebie from Remco! Today it’s a free C4D model of a Sci-Fi Head. It’s sculpted in Cinema 4D R14, so if you don’t have that you won’t be able to open it.

Go ahead and use it for commercial or personal use, just no resale or use in stock material. Enjoy!

Click here to download

    1. Luis Alfredo
      Luis Alfredo01-03-2013

      Gracias. Por los conocimientos

    2. jesus

      muchas gracias y gran trabajo

    3. Stephen Konsor
      Stephen Konsor01-04-2013


    4. - chase -
      - chase -01-04-2013

      Nice find, Thanks Joren! And Happy New Year to you and yours.

    5. Chris Wilde
      Chris Wilde01-20-2013

      Thanks to Remco! Thanks Joren!
      Not just cool image, but inspires me to do more.

    6. Mr Yang
      Mr Yang02-25-2013


    7. austin

      when imported to after effects using Element 3D it just loads as a 3D box.

    8. Tseno

      Can I use this freely in a game ?

      • Joren

        Yes, you may use it in a game! Enjoy!

    9. Jena Michael
      Jena Michael07-20-2014

      This is beautiful work. Fantastic job! 🙂

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