Free C4D Model: Vintage Binoculars

C4D Free Model Vintage Binoculars

Remco has done it again! A super sexy and finely detailed model of vintage/classic binoculars. These are the old binoculars that tourists would put a quarter into it and use to check out the scenery, usually from the top of a building. Hope you enjoy it! Like always, you can use it for commercial or personal use, just don’t use it any stock material that you are reselling. Huge thanks to Remco!


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    1. michael119de

      Amazing share. Thanks for this one Joren.

    2. paul pratt
      paul pratt07-25-2013

      Fantastic products and freebees. I’ll like more ifo on 3d objets for AE if possible. Thanks for a fantastic website!!!!

    3. Dave Woodhull
      Dave Woodhull07-26-2013

      WOW! Another fantastic piece. Remco Rocks!! Thanks for all the contributions, much appreciated.
      You got my endorsement for your products.
      Regards, Dave

    4. com truise
      com truise09-03-2013

      oblivion anyone? (B

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