Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Among Us Crewmate Spaceman Rigged

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Among Us Crewmate Spaceman

We have a really rad freebie today. This was sent to me by a friend named Everyday Pancakes. He created a sweet model of the Among Us crewmate spaceman/astronaut. It’s complete rigged which is epic, and it is even textured with Sketch and Toon. If you’re not familiar, Among Us is a online multiplayer social deduction game made by InnerSloth. It’s taking the world by storm, so hopefully you can find a good use for this model, or at least you can use it for some fun character animation tests/practice for your social media.

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Among Us Crewmate Spacemen

Huge thanks to Everyday Pancakes for being so willing to share. If you have any cool resources you have made that you want to share with the community, please let me know. I would love to share and give you a shoutout!

Click to Download C4D Among Us Crewmate Model

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