Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Lollipop Suckers

Free Cinema 4D Octane 3D Model Lollipop Sucker

We have an awesome freebie for you today! This is by Dominik, who goes by Boxoffrogs. You can check out his renders here:

The download is a Cinema 4D model of a sucker or lollipop. It’s lit/textured for Octane Render and includes many different lollipop texture variations. I really like the subtle cracks in the lollipop that he added with a Voronoi Fracture. It adds some really nice detail. Feel free to download and use for whatever you want. Make sure to check out Boxoffrogs on Artstation. Huge thanks to Domi for sharing!!

If you have any cool models/textures you want to share with the community, just e-mail me, [email protected] and I can help spread the world!

Free Cinema 4D Octane 3D Model Lollipop Sucker

Click to Download Free 3D Lollipop Model for C4D

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