Free Cinema 4D Model: Cartoon Food Pizza and Hotdog

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Food Pizza Hotdog Cartoon

We have another awesome freebie today. This is modeled by Alfredo, over at The download includes a Cinema 4D model of a cartoon style pizza and hotdog. We were super inspired by Paul over at The Rusted Pixel. He’s working on a little personal project with all sorts of cartoon/stylistic food models. They’re awesome! Follow him here:¬†

Anyway, after being inspired by his work Alfredo created a couple of C4D models, a slice of pizza and a hotdog, and we’re giving them away for fun. They’re textured for Octane Render, fyi. Enjoy, and make sure to give Paul a follow as well! If you have anything cool to share with the community, just let me know, I would love to help spread the word!

Download Free Cinema 4D Food Models


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