Free Cinema 4D Model: Megaphone

Today’s freebie is another Remco special! A free C4D 3D model of a megaphone. I already have plans to use this in an infographic since it’s a really good visual “icon” model. Hope you find some good use for it too!


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    1. Falenti Hoonah
      Falenti Hoonah11-19-2014

      good to get free models! 🙂

    2. Cristian Soto
      Cristian Soto12-08-2014

      Free 😀 free free???

    3. dani

      Good model Congrat

    4. Salomao

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    5. lllloydbkk

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    6. Fiona

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    7. kinyy

      Bonito modelo

    8. ren lenxiao
      ren lenxiao02-13-2017

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    9. lakis

      dat looks awsome 😉

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