Free Cinema 4D Model: Megaphone

Today’s freebie is another Remco special! A free C4D 3D model of a megaphone. I already have plans to use this in an infographic since it’s a really good visual “icon” model. Hope you find some good use for it too!


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    1. Falenti Hoonah
      Falenti Hoonah11-19-2014

      good to get free models! 🙂

    2. Cristian Soto
      Cristian Soto12-08-2014

      Free 😀 free free???

    3. dani

      Good model Congrat

    4. Salomao

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    5. lllloydbkk

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

    6. Fiona

      Thanks guys, this is amazing

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