Free Cinema 4D Model Strandbeest

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Strandbeest

Wow, do we have a crazy treat for you! I had never heard of a Strandbeest until Jochem de Klerk reached out to show me his Cinema 4D model. It’s such a wild rabbit hole to go down! So, here we go. Strandbeesten were the brainchild of Theo Jansen. He has been creating these “forms of life” out of plastic tubes. These animals harvest wind energy and use it to walk. It’s absolutely mind bending to see them. Go to to see all of the images of their development as well as some videos and even little Mini Strandbeest kits you can build yourself.

So, enter Jochem, who was fascinated by them and created a perfect Cinema 4D recreation of a Strandbeest. He also created a 3D print model if you want to print one out! You can see his process and get the free download here:

Get the Free Cinema 4D Strandbeest Model

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