Free Confetti Pack: 5 Rigs/Animations for AE and C4D


Hey everyone, I just created a Confetti Pack for you, it’s a free pack for C4D and AE containing 5 different confetti preset rigs. Included are 5 different particle rigs with different confetti styles, all fully customizable. Also included are full HD rendered quicktimes that you can just drag into AE and screen over your footage to instantly add confetti if you don’t have C4D. Hope you guys enjoy. I would really appreciate it if you spread the word. Thanks!

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108 Responses
  1. Jacob

    Hi, thx for the awesome download but when I change the type to screen from normal the confetti fades out and the colours are less evident. Any idea why? Thx!

  2. Joey

    Question…Can you add dynamics to the confetti so it hits a floor and stops. ive got a plane with a collider tag. Confetti drops through the floor. I’m new to dynamics. Any ideas. Great free pack!

    1. Yes, you need to mess with your settings. You have to have a dynamics tag on the confetti and the floor, and the settings probably have to change so “Inherit Tag” is set to “Apply Tag to Children” and the Individual Elements is set to All. Hopefully that will work!

      1. Joey

        Worked like a charm! Thank you for your quick response. You really add value to this community and its greatly appreciated.

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