Free Handheld Camera Pack for AE and C4D!

Free AE C4D Handheld Camera Pack Banner

Hey guys, it’s our 3 year anniversary at The Pixel Lab! To celebrate I created the Handheld Camera Pack which we’re giving away for free. It’s 10 drag and drop cameras to paste in your scene to add really cool handheld animation! The difference between real handheld camera moves and a computer generated move is pretty significant, and this will add a lot to your scene. The pack is available for Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.


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Could you do something for me? I would love it if you would help spread the word about the pack via twitter/facebook etc. You can use this link to share: 
That would mean a lot to me! Happy 3 Years of The Pixel Lab!

    1. rick

      Nice one, thanks guys, and a happy easter

    2. Steve Smart
      Steve Smart04-17-2014

      Congrats on three years!

    3. Motion Graphics Guy
      Motion Graphics Guy04-17-2014

      Great Job! buddy, Congrats on you Anniversary–keep up the fantastic work!

    4. Juan

      Sweet! Thanks Dude!!!

    5. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot04-17-2014

      Congratulations, mate. And thanks for all the tutorials, tips, model packs and wise words over the years.
      Keep it up!

    6. Andrea Paolini
      Andrea Paolini04-18-2014

      Good Job 😉

    7. Joel

      Congrats on 3 years Joren! That’s awesome! Thank you for all you do for the community! Love the camera moves!

      Best wishes!

    8. John Alexander
      John Alexander04-19-2014

      3 years making super cool stuff and inspiring us with your work. Congrats and keep it up high in the sky!

    9. Jomatecc

      Joren you are awesome, cant believe its 3 years already congrats.

    10. zBorg

      Many thanks!

    11. Dave Woodhull
      Dave Woodhull04-21-2014

      Hi Joren,
      Best wishes to you for 3 great years. Thanks for all the contributions you have made. Your site is “must view” IMO. Many years of success

    12. You Lin
      You Lin04-29-2014

      Thanks a lot

    13. Motion Graphics
      Motion Graphics04-30-2014

      Like always! Great job, bud!

    14. e11world

      Very nice freebie. Thank you very much

    15. Marc Real
      Marc Real04-30-2014

      Congratulations! 3 years of great tutorials and shared models.

    16. steph512

      Congratulations for this 3 years birthday of on-going efforts, work, and innovations.
      Great job shared and great mindset !! Thanks and happy birthday to The Pixel Lab

    17. bob

      bob loves

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