The Ultimate Kitbash Pack: Hard Surfaces, is now 100% Free!!! It has 200+ professional kitbash 3D models to quickly bring your ideas to life. This pack has steampunk, industrial, sci-fi styled and mechanical kitbash model elements and also has a ton of pre-built elements. It even has 4 complete 3D environments that are fully built out!

There are three versions in the download: A fully textured .lib4d for Octane render, a fully textured .lib4d for C4D Physical render, and all of the .obj files to use in a different application such as Element 3D in After Effects (not textured).

Hard Surfaces Pack for Cinema 4D Octane Kitbash

And now, the best part: it’s 100% free!! We’re very excited to share this with you!

Hard Surfaces Kitbash Pack

Above render using Hard Surfaces by:

Hard Surfaces Kitbash Pack FREE

Get Hard Surfaces for Free Here