Free Hydraulic Robot Arm C4D Model

Free Hydraulic Robot Arm Animated C4D Rig

Today we have an awesome rig from Boyan Georgiev ( It’s a free hydraulic robot arm 3D model that is fully rigged and ready to go! Huge thanks to Boyan for sharing! If you have anything you’ve created that you want to share with our community I’d love to spread the word. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]


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    1. Dan

      Sorry, its been a long day and I just found where the link and password is in the email. Cheers!

    2. Dirk Simons
      Dirk Simons10-24-2013

      You are doing great work for the c4d community, as does Chris Schmit from And if you would visit his site, you will find a two part tutorial about rigging up a robotarm. Funny how this one looks exactly the same?!

      Have look at:

      Stay hungry, but don’t eat other’s work!

    3. Simon Terrey
      Simon Terrey02-19-2014

      Many thanks Joren!

    4. DAN ZHAO
      DAN ZHAO07-02-2014


    5. KEN


    6. Alapasery

      shooting e mails

    7. daiotucheng007

      cool good job

    8. bimbo

      great work

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