Free Model: Gas Station 3D Scene

I have a great freebie for you today! This model was created by Rick Ellis from It’s a high quality full 3D scene of a gas/petrol station. Feel free to use for your projects, just make sure to take off the station logo and substitute your own so you don’t violate any copyright issues.

Huge thanks to Rick for sharing this model, please leave him a note in the comments if you have a chance!

Click here to download the C4D Gas Station Model

If you have any free models or resources you want to share let me know, I would love to spread the word!

    1. e11world

      This is pretty sweet! Thank you very much!

    2. ZerBouZer

      Great work. Thank you…

    3. A. David Shaw
      A. David Shaw10-03-2014

      No chance someone could do a tutorial on how to make this look abandoned for a noob to C4D, or direct me to a similar tutorial if one exists.

    4. euclides alonzo
      euclides alonzo12-19-2016

      great job!

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