Happy Halloween! Free Spooky 3D Models for Cinema 4D

Happy Halloween! We have one new spooky free Halloween model for Cinema 4D and a bunch of throwbacks. The first is a creepy 3D skull model Remco made. It has two versions, one is for Arnold, and I also included one for Cinema 4D Physical Render. Included are regular eyeball textures and cat eye textures. Enjoy!

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Spooky Halloween Skull

Download C4D Spooky Skull Model


Next up are some old Halloween models in case you missed them! Here is a great pumpkin model by Remco:

Download Free Pumpkin C4D Model


Here’s a great free skull model by Ion Lucin.

Download Free Skull Model


Next up is a creepy Sci-Fi head sculp by Remco

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Sci Fi Head Sculpt

Download Free Sci-Fi Head Model


And last up is an awesome underworld bust sculpt by Eddie Robbertse. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Underworld Bust Sculpt

Download Free C4D Underworld Sculpt Here


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