How to Make a Hospital X-Ray in Octane: Dirt Shader vs FalloffMap


In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a hospital x-ray in Cinema 4D Octane with the falloffmap shader. I’ll also show you some tips and tricks for a faster workflow, and also show the difference between the Octane Dirt Shader and FalloffMap Shader.

You can get the free skull model here

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  1. Also good tip:
    In the Camera Imager Settings (at the Main Settings, not the Camera) change response to linear, and gamme to 2.2.
    First it will seem a bit off, since you are so used to the Agfacolor Response Curve, but it is actually way more neutral!
    Took me a while to find that one out.
    I have it as a standard now, espacially, if you work witch clients and fixed color-codes this can throw you off, if not changed!

  2. Roger Harris

    Hi Joren,

    As Adam said, use Linear rather than any of the film response curves to get the neutral look. You can do it in ‘camera imager’ too if you prefer, as opposed to main settings, then it can be on a per camera basis. Just be sure to set the gamma to 2.2.

    As for the X-Ray effect, you don’t need to pipe the gradient colour into diffuse, just set diffuse to the single colour you want, like the yellow, and let the opacity falloff take care of the transparency (and therefore saturation) falloff. Saves a step I guess.


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