How to make an X-Ray Machine Image In Octane Render


In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make the see-through colored X-ray look you would find in an airport x ray machine. You’ll learn how to dial in the opacity and dirt shader. Hope you find it useful!

Oh, side note, this is not realistic at all. If you want it to look truly accurate, here are some notes I found: Organic materials like paper, food and explosives are orange, while blue or green are used for metals and glass. The denser the material, the darker the color.

You can find the model suitcase here.
And you can find the free weapon models here.

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  1. Roger Harris

    Hi Joren,

    C4d has exactly the same as opacity, its just called Alpha. Does the same as Octane and just as easy… (but then you knew that) 🙂

    Also, another way to do this is just add an octane falloff map to the opacity channel. I find that easier than the dirt shader. Simples!


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