Infographics: Graphs and Charts Pack


I’m excited to share our new Graphs and Charts Pack! Simon Spencer-Harvey and I have created 45+ Cinema4D infographic bar, chart and graph rigs! Every single model has an xpresso rig so you can easily change the bar, point, or line heights with sliders. The sliders are also connected to the numerical values, so they go up and down whenever you raise a bar or move a point! We didn’t stop there though. We are also including a fully pre-animated version of each and every model so you can just add them to your scene and already have the animation set up! That means you can either use the included xpresso rig, or you can use the pre-animated xpresso rig, it’s up to you since we have included both versions.


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Bubble-Chart-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Box-Slider-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack
Glass-Arrow-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-PackCallout-Icons-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-PackArrow-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Glass-Tubes-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-PackBell-Curve-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Icon-Bars-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Icon-Ring-Flat-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Layer-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Layer-Graph-Version-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Lego-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Multi-Ring-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Multi-Ring-Graph-Version-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack
Phone-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-and-Bar-Combo-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-Comparative-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-Easy-As-Pie-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-Horizontal-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-Sideways-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pie-Stack-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Puzzle-Graph-1-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Puzzle-Graph-Version-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pyramid-Chart-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Pyramid-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Rainbow-Ring-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-PackStacked-Bar-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Stacked-Cube-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Stacked-Object-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Target-Graph-1-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Target-Graph-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Wall-Street-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack XY-Line-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack XY-Line-Graph-Version-3-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack XY-Line-Graph-Version2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack XYZ-Line-Graph-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack XYZ-Lne-Graph-Version-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Version-2-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Version-3-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Version-4-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Version-5-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack Simple-Bar-Chart-Version-6-Graph-C4D-3D-Model-Infographics-Graph-Bars-Chart-Pack

This product will not work in C4D Lite or Element 3D. It is created for Cinema4D, not for After Effects. It will also not work in C4D Visualize which doesn’t have the required mograph features.

The models include textures. If you use R15 and below there may be some issues with the reflectance channel on a few of the materials but the fix is really easy. You can learn more about that issue and how to resolve it here.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way.

If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at:

Click to buy now for only $40!

Graphs and Charts Pack


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33 Responses
  1. Michael

    You said “This product will not work in C4D Lite or Element 3D without some work on your end.” Of hand do you know how much work would be involved in making it work with either C4D lite or Element?

  2. Sounds like a nice package. But just wandering … : besides C4D Studio, I work with FCPx for editing and finetuning 3D generated scenes…. but at the same time, more and more ready-to-go plugins are available to use the same graphics possibilities combined with 3D builded titling and objects in FCPx (especially combined with a package of MotionVFX for 3D objects) and it’s far more faster rendered than C4D for this sort of use of 3D graphics and you can work in the same software editing environment. But, it looks like a fine package Joren, I just made a small remark on this release.

  3. Andy

    HI Joren,
    This looks great, but we are having trouble with making the purchase. Getting a spinning “loading” icon. Any ideas on why this might be happening?

  4. I am so impressed with this package. Just got it, playing with it. Love it! As a long-time user of Cinema 4D, I say THANK YOU! This so helps speed up my workflow. I can’t wait to dive right in. I am a huge fan! 😀

  5. Gerardo

    Hi, greates projects. Can you to make free titles projects for videos or movies as titles of after effects but in this case for cinema4d ?. Thanks.

  6. Ron

    Hi Joren,
    that looks awesome!
    Since I am working with Octane Renderer I wonder if your textures and materials are working with Octane.



    1. Hey Ron, the materials are not for octane, but because this pack is very much geared toward xpresso and rigs, the texturing is fairly basic. Most scenes only have a handful of textures that are very basic, so I would imagine you could replace them very easily!

  7. Joren these are great. I often get asked to create much more complex data visualizations with thousands of nodes changing values over time to visualize peek traffic flows and or bottlenecks. I have been trying to bring in data from say excel via python and translate to objects color size etc and I am talking like 80,000 objects. I do write scripts but have bogged down on this. I am sure the answer is no, but by chance do you guys have any plans to be able to link a datasource to these type animations if possible and make them scalable? Sure that would cost much more for the headache. Anyways great stuff as usual.

    1. Hey mate, unfortunately we made this pack to handle more basic scenarios and we didn’t get into importing datasources. That’s a whole different level of intensity! You could possibly ask Simon if he could help you on a project as a freelancer, but as far as this pack is concerned it’s not possible. Sorry about that mate! Cheers!

  8. Felipe Bedoya

    Hello, im wondering if this product works with 3d element for after effects, i need it so bad for 3d element, thankyou!!!

  9. Mariusz

    Hi Guys,

    I need a help on all of the Pie Charts.
    Let say that I need just 3 slices, 75%, 20% and 5% – how I can make them them to cover 100% of the pie chart and ignore the initial state.

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