NAB Show New York 2019: Free Cinema 4D Training

You might be surprised to hear that there is a NAB New York that Maxon participated in this year. It’s a smaller NAB for the East Coast, which flies a bit under the radar, but nonetheless Maxon stepped up and delivered an amazing show. All of the presentations, from artists like Andrew Kramer, Sekani Solomon, Robyn Haddow, Jermey Cox and many more, are full of inspiration and tips for Cinema 4D. Huge thanks to Maxon, as always. All of the presentations are below, so grab some coffee and a notepad and enjoy!

“Creating Complex Animation with Simple Tools in Cinema 4D” by Sekani Solomon at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Sekani Solomon explains his process creating the Abasi Rosborough Brand Film while also demonstrating how he created some of the more complicated shots using Cinema 4Ds MoGraph and deformer tools. Sekani is a Senior Cinema 4D Generalist/Designer based in New York City. Hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Sekani’s diverse skill set in Design, Animation and Compositing allows him to work at any stage of the production pipeline with a high level of proficiency.

“Not a Starving Artist” by Eric Say at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Using lessons learned from 10+ years in the industry, Eric shares insight and experience on what makes a sustainable, profitable, and happy career as a motion graphics owner/artist. He will demonstrate how these lessons were applied to one of Gameday’s most recent projects for NFL’s Hyundai Sunday Night Kickoff Open as well as showing off some of the tips and tricks used in Cinema 4D Redshift to complete the project. Eric is the Owner/Creative Director at Gameday Creative, a Creative Agency based in NY specializing in sports and broadcast graphics. He has been the lead director on graphic packages for Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and more. Despite his best efforts, projects frequently require Eric to still be hands on and use his C4D skills to cross those finish lines.


“Moving an Entire Graphics Department to Cinema 4D” by Perry Harovas at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Perry Harovas takes you through some of the problems and the creative solutions to those problems that were required when the Graphics department at WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) made the decision to make Cinema 4D their primary animation tool. He will show the breakdown of some of the graphics for the Pay Per View show “Stomping Grounds” as well as the brand new title sequence for “SmackDown” on the Fox Network which was done entirely in Cinema 4D, rendered with Octane Render and composited in After Effects. Perry has 28 years of experience in Visual Effects & Compositing and 3D animation at all levels. He has taught courses and given talks all around the world on the subject of Animation and VFX, created 2 full college programs, and wrote the best-selling book “Mastering Maya” 19 years ago. Today, his tool of choice is Cinema 4D. Perry works at World Wrestling Entertainment designing workflows for the entire Graphics department.

“Invisible Transitions for 3D” by Andrew Kramer at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Join Andrew Kramer as he uses Cinema 4D & After Effects to design seamless transitions! As the founder of Video Copilot and creative force behind many title sequences for television and film such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Fringe, Andrew continues to share his passion for VFX and design through his training and free plug-ins as well as developing software used by creative artists all over the world.


“Creative Applications & Production Techniques” by Robyn Haddow at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Robyn Haddow will delve into various techniques she uses to create futuristic screen graphics in production. She will go through a range of examples including creating a fantasy holographic communication device as well as various creative surface scanning techniques for facial recognition, airport scanners and object identification AI systems. Robyn is a freelance future tech concept and motion graphic designer with a focus on FUI design for screen graphics and holograms. Robyn spends most of her time imagineering futuristic technology in story based worlds and makes sophisticated tech a reality seen in such films as Antman and the Wasp, Spider-Man Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and television series The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.


“Creating Quick 3D Abstract Scenes with Volumes, Fields, and Collision Deformers” by Marti Romances, Territory Studio at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Marti is a multi-media artist and motion graphic designer. Born and educated in Barcelona, he moved to London where he worked in games design before joining Territory Studio. Having led the UI design for films including Avengers: Infinity War, Guardians of The Galaxy and The Martian, and game chasing UI for Forza Motorsport, Marti’s passion for creative technology led him to the USA. Today, Marti is a founding director of Territory’s San Francisco studio, where his artistic vision, moving image, and experiential design expertise leads the studio in creating emotionally connected future facing experiences across film, games and technology brands.



“More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Cameras In Cinema 4D” by Jeremy Cox at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Jeremy will dive into his recent Cinema 4D obsession: cameras, lenses, and photography. Follow him as he explores the inner workings of real cameras and recreates them in Cinema 4D. This meandering journey will have plenty of rabbit holes and unexpected detours, but will ultimately give you a more intuitive understanding of the camera within Cinema 4D and how it can best capture your own work. We’ll also make some pretty pictures along the way. Jeremy is a designer, director, and VFX artist for film and television. Based in Brooklyn New York, his work includes TV commercials, network branding, and game cinematics for clients such as HBO, ESPN, Google, Microsoft, and National Geographic. He has also contributed to many title sequences including Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Terminator: Salvation, Rubicon, Castle Rock, and won an Emmy for his work on WGN’s Manhattan.


“Using C4D to Create AR Filters for Facebook and Instagram” by Doug Appleton, Perception at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Doug Appleton shows how he uses simple everyday techniques in C4D to create unique AR filters for Facebook and Instagram. Doug is the VFX Director at Perception in NYC. Doug’s projects have ranged from detailed UX interface projects for high profile security clients, to leading teams on title sequences like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame.


“Production Problem Solving in Cinema 4D” by Isaac Taracks at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Isaac Taracks breaks down how he uses Cinema 4D to problem solve different challenges that arise during production. Such as utilizing Cinema 4D R20’s fields and volume builder to make procedural beer foam. Isaac Taracks is a Freelance 3D Artist who has used Cinema 4D as his main creative work space throughout his career– working with brands like Nike and Budweiser. He has a passion for problem solving and constantly learning and re-crafting his technical knowledge.


“Hitting demanding deadlines: from pitch to the final product!” by Ridvan Maloku at the NAB Show New York 2019.

Ridvan Maloku will break down how he manages to win pitches for some of the most iconic brands. He will show how Cinema 4D helps him and his small team reaches stunning results within very short deadlines. From modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, and rendering in a fast-paced production schedule. Ridvan is a self-taught Motion Designer and 3D Artist with over 15 years of experience. He has a great passion for design and animation, and he’s a little obsessed with 3D. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate enough to work with different clients from different industries, such as Microsoft, GE, Smart Car, L’Oréal, Harry Potter, to name a few.

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