New Modeling/Lighting Contest: Still Life

It’s time for a new contest! Every once in awhile we host a contest so we can all get together and improve our skills and learn new things. This one is going to be fun! The theme is “Still Life.” A lot of the big players in our industry have been dabbling with still life renders. It’s such a great way to play with modeling, texturing, lighting and composition.

Here are some of the still life renders popping up out there: First up, Aaron Covrett (creator of the free telephone utility pole model)

Aaron Kovrett Still Life

Here is a little behind the scenes he posted:


Second up is David Brodeur, aka Locked and Loading:

Still Life David Brodeur Locked and Loading


Third is Raphael Rau, aka Silverwing.

Raphael Rau Still Life

Not only did he create a gorgeous still life, he also gave an entire live presentation going over the modeling, texturing and lighting as well as his thought process. Such a great resource!

So, hopefully you are thoroughly inspired at this point and ready to create your own. Here are the details:

I’m going to pick 3 winners. First place gets a $200 gift card to our site, second place gets a $100 gift card to our site and third place gets a $50 gift card to our site. That’s $350 of products for the winners. But really the point of this is to learn new skills and grow as an artist.

If you want bonus points you can go all in and model everything and create your own textures. You could also use models found online and just work on the texturing/lighting and make that the focus. Also, another thing I would encourage you to do is try out a new render engine if you have been wanting to learn it. So, if you’re an Octane user and are intrigued by Redshift just jump in and make this a Redshift project so you can learn it intentionally.

When you’re done with your render just e-mail it to me, [email protected] and I will enter you into the contest. I hope you enjoy the process and learn a lot!

(Deadline for entry will be end of January)

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