New Texturing/Lighting Contest + Free VDB Cloud!

Alright, time for a new contest! Our last Motorcycle contest was AMAZING and we had some epic entries.

So many people really enjoyed the contest, especially with a lot of quarantining and lots of extra time. So, if you need a fun contest to motivate you into learning new things and possibly win some prizes let’s do another one!

The theme for May is: Cloud. The only requirement is to make a really rad render using a VDB Cloud that I will give you for free. It’s cloud #165 from our VDB Clouds Pack 2. Simply download it and use it as a part of an epic render. You can use any render engine and you can create any type of scene, vibe, style etc. Get creative! If you go to our Clouds 1 page there are a bunch of images that might inspire you from other artists.

We will internally vote on the top 3 entries and they will all get a free product of their choice from our store.

Here is what the cloud you will use looks like:

VDB Cloud Pack Volume 2 Redshift Cinema 4D Octane Houdini

Download the cloud now and get started. The contest will end when the clock strikes midnight on the last day of May. Enjoy!!

(Note, you will need to use a render engine that supports VDBs)

Download Free VDB Cloud Here

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