Announcing the Pipes Generator for Cinema4D


Announcing the brand new Pipes Generator for Cinema4D! Create custom piping features, industrial elements and elements for steam punk designs in a few clicks! This rig, created by my friend Peter Holweg (, is incredibly easy and fun to use. Simply pick from dozens of component options, click one, and it will instantly create custom pipes.

Please note: this generator uses the Character Object which is only included in the full Studio Version of Cinema4D R14 or above. It will not work with Broadcast or the other versions. The rig will work in R13 Studio, however the textures will not work properly. You can hit “C” on your rig to make it editable and then texture it in R13, but it requires a bit of extra work.


Pipes-Generator-C4D2If you want to see some different ways to use the Pipes Generator you can watch this video (no audio) of Peter demoing the rig.


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46 Responses
  1. Wow !
    Outstanding !!

    I couldn’t imagine someone could manage to create such a customisable structure inside the character component ! It opens a whole new way to extand C4D’s possibilities !
    If he can do that, i could do some other could stuff, like :
    • A roller coaster with its components ;
    • A robot with all its components (it could be really amazing !!)
    • A customisable maze ;
    • A town with sky scrapper blocks, different configuration for way turns (straight, cross, right turn, left…)
    and many many more crazy fun packs !!!

  2. macray


    that looks grreat and I think I might use it.
    I missing something though but I’m not sure if it is not shown or just not there: how do I adjust the pipe diameter?
    and is it possible to have T-pieces or elbows in a different diameter than the main straight pipe?

    1. You can easily change the pipe diameter to get smaller or bigger by adding a “expander” or a “reducer” component which means the next chunk of pipe will be thicker or thinner.

    1. Yeah, for those reading, I haven’t had time to update the video yet, but you can indeed keep on building out the other sides of the tanks, which I didn’t realize at first. Thanks!

        1. The diameter and height of the different tanks are set to real dimensions, meaning that when you calculate the volume of the tanks, they will closely match the description on the tank. ( i used this generator to create real existing tanker parks, and thus the dimensions needed to be correct.

          If you were to dive into the character builder file, one could easily alter all these settings but you would have to know what you’re doing so you don’t break it!

  3. Peter

    ATTENTION… R13 users can’t make use of the automatic coloring, they have to make their completed rig editable, and can then add color.

  4. Tod

    Your video makes it look simple to switch colors (and it is), yet if two pipes sections have the same color (blue), and you want both objects to have different materials–do I have to make the pipe editable? I’ve tried to simply drop a material on different pipes with no luck. Maybe I am missing something simple. If I do have to make it editable then this would make the plug-in, well, disappointing….

    PS. I’m running on R15

  5. Peter

    If you don’t switch color, the next object(partly) inherits its color from its parent. This is setup this way.
    You could add a BELLOW between the 2 straight pieces (after a bellow you can switch color)and that way
    you would have 2 straight pieces with different materials
    Now you can “control drop” any color onto the colors in the material-manager (see video)

    If you wanted to make it possible to change the color after a straight piece, you would have to open this template to change and add some exception rules within the template. I build it this way because a straight pipe normally has a uniform color along the whole length.

  6. chris


    I’m trying this great pipe system but i noticed that symetry is “loosing” conectors on pipes (c4d 16)
    even when i made it editable

  7. Hi Chris. I never used symmetry with this pipes generator, i will try it, and see what you mean.
    About the compensator. If you switch to ‘adjust ‘mode, there will be a Grey little dot at the end of the compensator. if you mouse pointer hovers over there it will say ‘compensator end’
    Click on the dot and you can now stretch out the compensator.
    The ribbed rubber part stays the same length, only the pipe get’s stretched. This is normal, you are not doing anything wrong.

    1. chris

      Thanks – I wanted to build somethin like pipes around the concrete box – symmetry on both sides so I noticed the problem. You know some of us are a little bit lazy… 😉

  8. Jim

    It’s a neat rig, but it would have been nice if the limitations for R13 had been published BEFORE I purchased it rather than several days later.

    1. Hey Jim, I didn’t have R13 to test it with so the fact that the character object is different in R13 and R14 slipped past me unfortunately! My bad entirely, please e-mail me, I’m offering refunds for everybody who has had issues. Sorry again! My e-mail is

  9. Jim

    Joren, that is very considerate of you, but I wasn’t expecting a refund. Just expressing a little frustration after finding out that those limitations weren’t not explained until later.

  10. Sean

    The industrial size looks great. However, I’ve got a project where I need to show smaller piping. Are the pipes and fittings still realistic at smaller diameters e.g. if I want a 1/2 inch copper piping for a faucet, or other typical household piping?

  11. Maurice

    Hi Joren/Peter,

    Thanks for this great product, i just bought it. I have a question however:

    I want to start vertically. So lets say a elbow 90 degrees coming out of a plane. Then a pipe segment straight up. How can i achieve this ?

    Thanks, The Netherlands

  12. Hi Maurice,

    Add the root, then add a “elbow 90_R” .Set template to ‘adjust’ and rotate the elbow 90 degrees so it points straight up. Set template to ‘Build’again and click on ‘straight’ to connect a straight part to the elbow.

  13. Hi Chris, ok i see what you mean now by loosing you meant the don’t show up in the viewport. i think that’s because symmetry object doesn’t copy instances. You could however build your system, and after your done you could make a ‘current state to object’ and rotate that one 180 degrees

  14. Hey Joren,
    My client wants me to fly a camera through a pipe system. Are these pipes truly hollow? IE do all of the T’s have a hole I can fly through internally? Or are they just for external show?

    1. Yes, the models are hollow so you could do that. We also have a return policy so if you don’t like the inside fly through and it’s not working I can send you a refund. Cheers!

  15. bob slentz

    I love this and it would be awesome as I work as combination electrician/scada tech at water and wastewater plants . . lots of pipe work . . however I have R18 Broadcast will this not work what so ever?

    congratulations on your baby daughter, how awesome. 🙂

    1. Really sorry, Bob, but it won’t work with Broadcast, because this product uses the “Character Object” which is not included in Broadcast. Sorry about that!!

    1. You would have to do a bit of work baking it down to a polygon object. You could do it though but would have to collapse everything down into an object and save out as a .obj or something. Hope that makes sense, if you have any other questions, let me know!

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