Pixel Lab Material Pack!


I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Material Pack!” Over 500 C4D materials/textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative!

The textures are organized into the following categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. It’s a .lib4d file so you can load these textures into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time!

Best of all we are only asking $50 for the pack, which should make it very accessible to everyone.









    1. Jared

      Is this compatible with Element 3D for After Effects?

      • Joren

        Unfortunately no, only for Cinema 4D…

        • Kyle

          Any plans on creating an Element 3D pack with these textures? I would snatch that up in a heartbeat!

        • Curtis D
          Curtis D01-18-2014

          I also would love to use these in element 3D…I think your missing a huge market if you dont…and second question will they work in C4D lite..The one that ships with AE CC?

          • Joren

            Unfortunately I don’t think it will work with Lite. We will consider transferring to Element, but we have to investigate how hard it will be to port over first…

        • Steve H
          Steve H02-04-2014

          Very interested in the texture pack if you make it available for Element 3D!

      • Andrew Hoeveler
        Andrew Hoeveler01-30-2014

        It’s actually quite simple to bake textures to your models if you are modeling and texturing in C4D before importing them into Element3D. If you want to use them as drag-and-drop textures directly within Element3D, that’s a little tougher, but not impossible. You simply need to export the different channels from these textures as image maps which you drop into the corresponding layers in the Element3D texture. Many tutorials can be found online to do this.

    2. André

      Jesus Christ, Joren!!
      That´s the best package EVER!

      Thank you so much!

    3. Fabio Abu
      Fabio Abu01-14-2014

      Hi Joren, it’s for Vray?

      • Joren

        Nope, just for standard C4D…

        • Alex

          Have you tried converting them to vray textures? I’m curious to know if they would be applicable. Thanks!

          • Joren

            I don’t have Vray, so I’m not sure, sorry!

            • Dave Glanz
              Dave Glanz01-15-2014

              I haven’t tried this myself, but I’m pretty sure that standard Cinema 4D textures can now be rendered in VRAY for C4D (v1.8+).

    4. Chris Price
      Chris Price01-14-2014

      These look so good, will be buying this as soon as I have the money!

    5. Ron Moore
      Ron Moore01-14-2014

      Will these materials work in Cinema 4D Lite that comes inside After Effects CC?

      • Joren

        As far as I know yes, it should. If you buy it and it doesn’t work I can refund you, but it should…

    6. Dave Glanz
      Dave Glanz01-14-2014

      Sold, buddy. Good work.

    7. curious wallet
      curious wallet01-14-2014

      Are many of the noise patterns in some of the grunge, bumps, etc generated procedurally? Or are most of these image maps? I wish to buy a pack that doesn’t seem so tiled. I found Element3D C4D textures look too tiled.


      • Joren

        I would say it’s about 50% procedural, 50% images. Hope that helps!

    8. Rafael Murguia
      Rafael Murguia01-14-2014

      wow Joren, as always superb job! buying those ASAP 😀

    9. Ben

      Bought it! Love it!

    10. Joey Booth
      Joey Booth01-14-2014

      Looks great man! Loved your tuts too so I had to get it 😀 Cheers from Canada!

    11. Paul Crumrine
      Paul Crumrine01-14-2014

      SOLD. There is always room for great C4D materials.

    12. Mark Santella
      Mark Santella01-14-2014

      Is snow one of the materials? Did I miss it or are you planning on releasing it. I am most interested in that as well. Thanks.

      • Joren

        Yes, there is one called “snowman” which is a snowy look

    13. Joe Bird
      Joe Bird01-15-2014

      This looks great. You can never have enough materials at your fingertips. Thanks.
      Are image based textures any particular size?
      Will be making a positive purchase decision soon..

      • Joren

        It’s hard to say exactly, because there is a wide variety of sizes, but most are quite high resolution and were shot with a Canon DSLR.

    14. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot01-15-2014

      Amazing! Really fantastic work and a bargain price. Thank you for this and for everything you have done for the motion graphics community.

    15. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot01-15-2014

      Just tried a few of these out. Absolutely spectacular! It’s the only texture pack I’ll be using from now on. Thanks again.

      • Joren

        Thanks for the kind words mate, it means a lot to us!!

    16. zBorg

      These are really great – a huge variety of well-thought-out meticulously-useful materials – just the kind of thing I need. Many thanks!

    17. Mubarik Ali
      Mubarik Ali01-15-2014

      Very Nice Joren…

    18. mike woods
      mike woods01-15-2014

      As always, these are amazing

    19. René

      Joren nice, as always superb job! is bought .. thank

    20. Eugene Opperman
      Eugene Opperman01-15-2014

      Looks like the little elves at the Pixel Lab Workshop have been working overtime!

      Great work man!

    21. David

      Best $50 I’ve spent in a long time…incredible value! Also, I am delighted to support you just a little bit. Thank for all of your tutorials and free models over the years.

    22. oninome


    23. tomasla

      do they easily go to vray material?

      • Joren

        I don’t have Vray so I’m not sure, sorry mate!

    24. Adam Elder
      Adam Elder01-17-2014

      Awesome work. Sold.

    25. Martin

      Done. Thanks Joren!

    26. Gokhan

      Hi Joren,firstly thank you very much for great job,it’s look great.
      I’m looking at the sample pictures that you share this page and
      I have a little request from you;
      I can’t see some liquids…You know “ready-to-use C4D liquids” are very rare 😉
      Beer, blood, wine, milk, ocean, cola, fruit juice, whisky etc….
      if possible can you added them?

      Thaks again for your great pack 😉

    27. Robocrat

      Well I guess I may never need to create a material from scratch ever again 🙂

    28. HC

      I almost bought this awesome pack for C4D til I realisted it is not compatibl with the Lite version. Is there any chance to get an update for that? I’m not the only one who requesting this I guess. Thanks for the answer!

    29. GraphicsAndBeer

      +1 For Element 3D, if you can cook something up I will buy it!!

    30. Gren Taylor
      Gren Taylor03-06-2014

      I want a Studio Lite version compatible or E3D version sooo bad!

    31. Rigo

      Yes please made this material for 3D element and let us know thanks

    32. Marv

      I was able to nab the NAB discount just in time! Thanks!

    33. Renderbots(C4D_Training)

      Stunning, Just Stunning 🙂 and a BARGAIN!

    34. 25th Pixel
      25th Pixel04-30-2014

      This is exactly what I was thinking about these being compatible with Element. If these textures have the provided Specular, Bump, Diffuse, etc. etc. image maps then theoretically you can rebuild whatever texture needed in Element.

      Can anyone confirm or deny if this pack includes separate image files for each texture? If so this is a for sure purchase for me…

      I am just not too familiar with C4D texture files… 🙁

      • Joren

        Hey mate, the pack does not specifically include separate image files for each texture so you would need C4D to rebuild them unfortunately. Cheers!

    35. Bauer

      I join the choir who´d buy this pack (and others) if they worked in Element 3D. They look awesome! 🙂

    36. larry

      please make textures maxwell render compatible. (.mxm)

    37. Eddie

      Just echoing opinions here…would be very interested in Element3D port. Looks great.

    38. Andrew Conway
      Andrew Conway08-06-2014

      Hi, does this work with Lite. FYI, ever since Adobe went CC2014, I haven’t been able to import Video Copilot’s “Pro Shaders” into the new version of Cinema 4D Lite

      • Joren

        It should work with Lite yes. You might lose a couple of the textures that use some advanced options, but the majority will work fine. If you’re not satisfied or it doesn’t work just let me know and I can refund your purchase. Thanks!

    39. Christiaan

      Hi Joran,

      would love to see this pack for Element 3D.
      Missing wood textures in the pack of Video Copilot.


    40. Rob

      A lot of people asking does it work with this software or that software or with this renderer or that renderer. I just wanted to say thank you for this. It’s great to have a materials pack that is just for Cinema 4D and just for the great old standard renderer. Keep it simple people. There is nothing you can’t do with Cinema 4D and it’s standard internal renderer. Have fun to all! And thanks so much for creating this and not charging an arm and a leg for it, Joren.

    41. Joren

      If anybody is interested, we have just released a Element3D compatible version of the Material Pack! If you’re interested you can check that out here: https://www.thepixellab.net/material-pack-for-after-effects-element-3d

    42. Andy

      Hi guys, Just purchased this. Downloading now! Cannot believe how much you offer for so little price for this material pack! Value right there. Cannot wait to try them out 😀

      • Joren

        Hey Andy, thanks for the kind words! Enjoy the pack, and let me know if you have any problems!

    43. luz garcia
      luz garcia10-27-2014

      Magnificent work. Congratulations!.

    44. Andy

      Hi. I will indeed!

    45. Ryan Mitchell
      Ryan Mitchell11-13-2014

      Hi Joren – are the materials in this set using the new R16 reflectance channel and its new capabilities, or is it using the R15 and earlier versions of reflectance?

      • Joren

        Ryan, these materials are not using the R16 reflectance channel so can be used in earlier versions of C4D as well…

        • nick

          hi Joren
          is there likely to be an updated version of this pack with shaders using the r16 reflectance?
          would be great if it did

          • Joren

            We’re checking into the possibility, but nothing is set yet. This pack will work fine with R16, it just doesn’t use some of the new possibilities that were introduced in R16. I’ll let you know if we ever make a R16 specific pack, thanks!

            • KSOF

              Looking forward to a R16 version too! Great work on the textures. 🙂

    46. CCIDgfx

      Know where to find a good material to make a hair follicle under a microscope

    47. guillermo

      la pagina es muy cool

    48. Jonathan

      Sorry to tell you this … but hey: You must do this pack for Element 3D !!! It’s beautiful, beautiful work !!!

      Really Impressive !

    49. Scott


      What are the texture resolutions and are they clear for commercial use?



      • Joren

        They all vary in sizes, and a lot of them are procedural. We do have a 100% money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work out for you. And yes, they are cleared for commercial use. Cheers!

    50. Wali Khan
      Wali Khan03-01-2016


    51. Dirar Kayyali
      Dirar Kayyali06-12-2017

      Please create all those amazing materials for 3Dmax V-ray

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