Octane-Material-Pack Note: this pack is now 10+ years old, and recent updates to Octane have been used in our newer Octane Texture Packs (see here). I would recommend checking those out, since they are more optimized for current versions of Octane.

This pack includes over 500 C4D materials/textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! OctaneRender has taken the world by storm and is setting the bar high for GPU renderers. Install this pack and you can dive in to Octane with tons of great materials/textures so you can hit the ground running.


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The textures are organized into the following categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Metal, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic, Stone/Concrete/Dirt and Wood. It’s a .lib4d file so you can load these textures into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time!

Best of all we are only asking $50 for the pack, which should make it very accessible to everyone.

C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Metal C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Wood C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Rubber-Plastic C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Luminance C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Stone-Concrete-Dirt C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Patterns-Tiles C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Glass-Transparent-Ice C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Fabric-Leather C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Everyday-Color C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Paper-Cardboard C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Alpha-Overlays C4D-Otoy-Octane-Render-Material-Textures-Pack-Misc

Click here to buy now for only $50



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