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I’m excited to share our new Technology Pack with you! This pack was originally our first ever product but we decided to completely re-do it and take it the next level. Included are 44 technology related C4D models. I created this pack with my friend Remco who is the modeling genius behind it. I hope you guys enjoy the pack!

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_Vintage-Projector_Electronic-Components _Wacom_Circuit-Board

_Vintage-FotoCamera _TV-Retro_Vintage-Camera_TV-2011 _Tech-Screen_Telescope _Sphere-Screen_Security-Camera_Sphere-Camera_SD-Card_ScreenBot_Roto-Robot-Arm _Radio-Retro _Octocopter _Polaroid-Camera _Marantz-Audio-Receiver _Lensbaby _Lens-50mm_Lens-28mm-Tokina _Lens-17-40-mm _imac-computer-2002 _Headphones _Go-Pro-Hero-3 _Go-Pro-Hero-Session _Film-Projector _Ethernet-Cables _Dynacord-Speaker _DJi-Ronin-Camera-Gimbal _Drone _Curved-Ultra-HD-TV _Computer-Desk _Blackmagic-Camera _Audio-Speaker-3 _Audio-Speaker _Audio-Speaker-2 _3D-Printer


Click to buy now for only $40

The models include textures. NOTE: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12.

Also, if you use R15 and below there may be some issues with the reflectance channel on a few of the materials but the fix is really easy. You can learn more about that issue and how to resolve it here.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time!

If you purchased the previous Tech Pack we are not offering a discount on this one. Because we have added so many models and have redone the whole thing it is essentially a brand new pack.

Also, we have a version of this product for Videocopilot Element 3D if you’re interested. You can find that here.

If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at:

This pack includes the following C4D models:

  • 3D Printer C4D Model
  • Audio Speaker C4D 3D Model: 3 Versions
  • Blackmagic Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Circuit Board C4D 3D Model
  • Computer Desk C4D 3D Model
  • Curved Ultra HD TV C4D 3D Model
  • DJi Ronin Camera Gimbal C4D 3D Model
  • Drone C4D 3D Model
  • Dynacord Speaker C4D 3D Model
  • Electronic Components C4D 3D Model
  • Ethernet Cables C4D 3D Model
  • Film Projector C4D 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero 3 C4D 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero Session C4D 3D Model
  • Headphones C4D 3D Model
  • iMac 2015 C4D 3D Model
  • iMac 2002 Vintage C4D 3D Model
  • 17-40mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • 28mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • 50mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • EF 70-200mm C4D 3D Model
  • Lensbaby C4D 3D Model
  • Marantz Audio Receiver C4D 3D Model
  • Octocopter C4D 3D Model
  • Polaroid Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Radio Retro C4D 3D Model
  • Roto Robot Arm C4D 3D Model
  • Satellite C4D 3D Model
  • ScreenBot C4D 3D Model
  • SD Card C4D 3D Model
  • Security Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Sphere Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Tech Screen C4D 3D Model
  • Telescope C4D 3D Model
  • TV 2011 C4D 3D Model
  • TV Retro C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage FotoCamera C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage Projector C4D 3D Model
  • Wacom Tablet and Pen C4D 3D Model

Click to buy now for only $40



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