Top 5 Best Free Cinema 4D Plugins

Here are my top 5 favorite free Cinema 4D plugins. (I looked at the free plugins I used most as my metric fyi). Here we go!

Best Cinema 4D Plugin #5: ArrowMaker

ArrowMaker is a free plugin for Cinema 4D that generates an arrow shape as a spline primitive. The shape itself can be customized to create a ton of of different arrow types, then used in an Extrude or Sweep NURBS to generate a mesh. Here’s a tutorial I made years ago showing how to use it:

Download Free Cinema 4D ArrowMaker Plugin


Best Cinema 4D Plugin #4: Screw Generator

Free Cinema 4D Model Plugin Generator Screw

The C4D Screw Generator plugin is created by Fuchs & Vogel. It’s a great way to add a lot of detail to any of your models. Included are 7 main screw presets and then you can further customize them in various ways. I find myself using this all the time!

Free Cinema 4D Screw Generator Plugin

Download the Free Cinema 4D Screw Generator Plugin


Best Cinema 4D Plugin #3: Gelatine

This awesome free GĂ©latine Plugin is created by Code Vonc. It’s sort of like the jiggle deformer, but has a lot more options and is really fast to work with. Unlike the jiggle deformer you can have more flabby effects, work with multiple objects, set handle points and use a simple fall-off curve to effect the animation. It’s really easy to specify which parts of the model should wobble and which should be stiffer. Overall a super fun and useful plugin, especially for infographic type work.

Download the Free Gelatin Plugin for C4D


Best Cinema 4D Plugin #2: ReeperX Rope Generator

A plugin I find myself using all the time is ReeperX. Reeper means Rope Maker in German, so there you go. You can create 4 different styles of rope with the new 2.0 update. You can also use it to create cables or telephone wires etc. Lots of great uses for it!

Free Cinema 4D Plugin Rope ReeperX Generator

Here’s an old tutorial I made on it:

Download the free ReeperX Plugin


Best Cinema 4D Plugin #1: Hot4D Ocean Generator

The free HOT4D plugin is absolutely incredible! It’s a wave and ocean generator which is a great start for any ocean/water scenes. Here are a few samples plus a tutorial I made on it awhile ago:


Get the Free HOT4D C4D Plugin here

To get the free scene file from Helge Kiehl (shown above) go here:

To get the free scene file from Mostyle (shown above) go here:


Those are some of my favorite plugins. If you want to add any of your most used free Cinema 4D plugins just e-mail me at [email protected] and I can add them to the list!


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