Trapcode Echospace for After Effects Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use Trapcode Echospace. This plugin is basically the equivalent of the Cloner Object, a Shader effector and a Random Effector all in one for After Effects! If you haven’t used it before, it will revolutionize the way you think about working in After Effects. And if you create infographics, this plugin is a must have. You can buy it here: or buy the Trapcode Suite for a big discount here:

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  1. Hey Joren,

    That was awesome! Thanks for sharing this technique. Simple and very handy.

    Congratulations again on going FT in the freelance world. Hope its going great. Look forward to see what you guys continue to crank out.

  2. Lu

    AE Cloner – that’s what I was just thinking about
    this morning and planning to use Echospace this PM to see how it would “match” C4D.

    And there … Joren’s timely tutorial.

    Excellent inspiration, Joren : )

  3. You’re doing something EXTREMELY important here. Maybe even brilliant. You’re drawing comparisons between how the interfaces of AE and C4D relate.
    For example, at timecode 4:15 with one simple mention of how a shader effector is similar to scaling in a precomp you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibility. Now I know where to look in Cinema 4D to do something like that.

    As important as the work is that they do software/tech mavens don’t get this but artists do because we’re born the gift of metaphor. That’s why they design nightmare kluges and artists unravel the mess to make it usable and beautiful. A perfect example of this is Nick Campells Light Kit Pro. He took lighting out of some moldy tech basement and into the fresh air.

    This what they do in the booming field of Usability Design (UX) and get paid a whole lot more than mograph or print designers usually do.

    Keep up the good UX work!

  4. Thank you Joren!
    For past month, I wanted to explore using EchoSpace. But I was unsure where to start. Your comparing it to making “clone images” helped me “get it.”
    THANK YOU -Buck Wilde LosAngeles

  5. Ferenc

    Thanks for showing the cloner equivalent in After Effects. I was looking for this functionality for some time. Now I realise it has always been there on my computer. Never had a look at Echospace.

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