In this Octane for Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to get rid of a pesky issue where your lights have an ugly bounding box/fringe, even when you turn their opacity down. This can happen if you’re using Fog, Medium or Volumes in Octane. This also can happen with a texture that has an alpha channel showing a fringe. I’ll go over the three different ways you can add fog in Octane and how each one has it’s own strengths and bugs. Hopefully this primer will give you at least some direction for when things go belly up with Octane fog!

Also, here are the settings for the fog material if you want to go that route:

Step 1: Make a Specular Material and change the Index to 1

Step 2: In the Medium channel add a “Scattering Medium”

Step 3: In the Scattering Medium add a RGBSpectrum to Absorption and Scattering slots

Step 4: Play with Density till you achieve desired fog

Add the material to a cube that encompasses your scene, but make sure your camera is outside of the cube.