The Prizes are:

First Place: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4080 Graphics Card or cash equivalent (Roughly $1,200)
Second Place: VFX Element Bundle: ($785)
Third Place: Complete VDB Bundle: ($719)

VFX Elements Mini Pack Free

Unreal Engine Free Asset Pack

Pixel Lab Unreal Contest Rules:

Note: this contest has to be completed in Unreal Engine! If you haven’t used it, this would be an awesome way to dig in and learn Unreal with a purpose in mind. Enjoy!

1. Take the included 5 types of assets: Splash, Portal, Fire, Explosion and Smoke Plumes.
FYI, The full product on our site has complete VDB animation sequences, but for this contest I’m giving you one of the frames from the animations for free.

2. Create a still render in Unreal using at least 3 out of the 5 assets. At least 3 of the 5 types must be in your render. You can use all five if you want though, it’s up to you!

3. E-mail your render to (send me the render and also any social media account you would like me to promote with your entry).

4. The deadline will be the end of December 15, 2023.

5. Check out our free VDB Shader and tutorial to jump start the process of using VDBs in Unreal and make it easier for you! Download free shader here:

Our internal team of judges will look at all of the entries. We will pick the top three entries based on creativity/originality/design and we will announce the winners in January 2024. We will fulfill the prizes shortly after, although the graphics card will be determined by when we can get our hands on one if they are out of stock. If we can’t get one, or if you would prefer, we will offer a cash equivalent replacement.

Note 1: This artwork must be created for the contest. It cannot be a previous piece you have already created. No AI is allowed.

Note 2: If you want to purchase any of our products, and you end up winning, we will refund your purchase, so don’t worry about buying them if you want to.

Note 3: Please take some behind the scenes renders/screengrabs to send to me if you think of it. It would be awesome to see your process!

Here are the included free elements in the contest download:

Unreal Engine Free Asset Pack

Ready to roll? Download the free asset pack I prepared for this contest and let’s go!


Download 3D Elements for Contest

Download official contest rules


Btw, if you haven’t used Unreal before, check out Jonathan Winbush. He’s the man and has tons of great content on it!