Unreal Engine Path Tracing Tutorial: Free 3D Scene Download

Unreal Engine Path Tracing Tutorial Free 3D Scene Download UE5

My buddy Jonathan Winbush just posted a tutorial introducing you to use the new Path Tracing features in UE5.1.

He used the free 3D Mayan statue model that we have in our freebies section. Winbush is giving away his Unreal scene so you can download and play around with it while you watch the tutorial. Make sure to follow Winbush on his YouTube channel and also a big thanks to Romain Vaysse who created the Mayan Relic statue. You can also get that 3D model for Cinema 4D here: www.thepixellab.net/free-3d-model-mayan-relic

Download Free Unreal 3D Statue Scene

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