August 12, 2019
Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Medical Hospital Room Assets
Another Sketch and Toon freebie for Cinema 4D today! It’s a hospital/medical room filled with assets like IV drip, hospital beds, computer, monitoring equipment etc. This sketch and toon look is pretty sweet, it’s definitely a fun vibe if you’re doing some infographic or cartoon stuff. If you’re not, you can re-texture for a more...
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Free Cinema 4D 3D Model Sketch and Toon Cleaning Cart Model
We haven’t done much sketch and toon, so let’s change that! Today we have a free sketch and toon shaded cleaning cart model! Of course the mesh is there, so if you want to re-texture for any other render engine feel free. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use!  
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Cinema 4D Tutorial Fluid Simulation with No Plugins
I have a fun tutorial today. I’ll show you how to create a fake fluid simulation with NO PLUGINS. That means no Realflow, X-Particles etc. We’re going to cover a lot in order to achieve a dripping ice cream effect. We’ll cover soft body dynamics, the volume builder and mesher, the Voronoi Fracture and soft...
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