C4D & AE Tutorial: Concert Style Lighting

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to set up your scene in Cinema 4D so you can create a very easy concert style lighting effect in After Effects.

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  1. Great tutorial. Can’t wait to try it on some of my projects.
    I know you said you weren’t talking about the video wall, but I have a quick question: whenever I composite my image onto the video in After Effects, I’m left with a thin white line around the border of it. Kind of like the Luma Matte isn’t lining up. I don’t think I saw that problem on yours. I have looked everywhere and can’t find how to fix it. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

  2. Hey Ben, I’m still trying to find a perfect solution for that, but things you could try are increasing the size of the video that you replace the plane with by 1 percent so it expands past that white line. That usually will work fine. Or if the white line is on a buffer, you can use a simple choker and choke it in a pixel. Try those? I’ll let you know if I find something better…

  3. Please do and I appreciate the quick response. I’ve searched everywhere and have never found anyone that came up with a solution. I’ve even seen tutorials on Lynda.com with the same buffer problem. I’ll send you a message if I ever find a solution.

  4. Federico Taticchi

    Hi Joren, first of all best compliments for all the work you do with your tutorials, they’re a great resource for all of us.

    But, let me say, this time couldn’t get right your workaround. If in your c4d scene place lights instead of nulls, those will be exported without even concerning about compositing tags. Then, once in AE, you’ll have a comp with lights instead of nulls. If you’re intended to use Videocopilot Optical Flares, you can just assign it to the lights making an adjustment layer and duplicating’t for the number of lights are in your scene. One more layer to use with as much lights expression controllers, linked to the light color function within OF instead of the aside saturation in order to tweak & keyframe’em.
    Am I saying anything wrong?
    Anyway thanks a lot for the effort you put on this and the help you give us.

  5. Hey Federico, thanks for the comment! And thanks for sharing another way to do this also. You’re right, your way probably would be easier. I guess the only reason I did this was that all you have to do is make the pre-comp once, and then you can just drag and drop the comp on all the nulls and you’re done. I think you can probably do it either way with as much success. Your way is better to get the flare to be true 3D and respect the camera though, which would be nice! Like always there are many ways to do everything, and once you find a way that works for you, you don’t explore other options until people share with you their way, so thanks for sharing!

  6. Federico Taticchi

    Ahahah, Joren you’re the sweetest pro in town. You’re totally right, this is a job in which the same things can be done in tons of different ways, whose the better is the one that suites you best. I always follow your tuts, I like ’em ’cause are clever, smart and explained quickly with a great communication skill. So forgive me, didn’t wanna be… “teachy” with you, only take into account a seocnd choice.
    All the best and keep’t up!

  7. Haha, thanks man. I don’t mind your “teaching,” don’t worry. The nice thing for me is that I am not a veteran who knows everything, I am learning all this as I go to improve myself. I share what I know, and then a lot of times I get ideas/feedback on how to do things better or differently. The end is that we all learn, which is great! Thanks mate!

  8. Luke

    awesome. i was looking online all weekend for something similar because the lens effects on Cinema’s lights are just boggling my mind. On cue you made this. That’s 3 in a row. Thanks again.

  9. Lu

    Thanks to Joren and EJ (eyedesyn) I’ve been able to progress faster with learning C4D and AE integration …and this tut is a prime example.

    So, thank you again!
    I love to learn from you.

  10. Carlos

    Thanks for this one Joren! Would really LOVE to see an in depth tutorial on the video wall and all the compositing tricks in AE that would make it rock! Hopefully you can get around to making that one.

  11. Bit late to the party on this one, but definitely do as Federico says and use C4D lights when you export an AE file.

    Granted, it’ll take a bit longer for C4D’s awesome lighting power to render, but it’s way, way better and when you need to, you can rename the light to Emitter for use with Particular.

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