C4D Naming Tool Tut: Organize Projects/Materials Lickety Split


In this quick Cinema4D tutorial I’ll show you a couple of different ways to use the C4D Naming Tool to clean up and organize your project super fast.

You can get the model used here

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  1. Kevin Lawson

    Excellent! I had no idea that was there and have hated having to organize large CAD imports into a usable workflow.!!

  2. Can you use wildcards with this rename? I have a Sketchup import that’s a mess, and I want to select ALL the objects that are the same, but with various names, and rename them the same thing.

    I want to do REPLACE * with “My New Name” _$N or something like that.

    Is that possible? I can’t figure it out, and the help wasn’t very helpful.

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