C4D Tutorial: Baking Animated Deformers or Effectors with Point Cache Tag


This is a follow up on my last tutorial: thepixellab.net/c4d-quick-tip-baking-deformers-or-effectors In that one I went over baking deformers or effectors and creating a polygon object. I received some questions asking if you could bake the animation of your deformer or effector as well. This tutorial shows you how to use the C4D Point Cache tag to do that. Hope it helps!

Shout out to Marco Rod for reminding me of the texturing quick tip in here. Check him out: vimeo.com/marcorod

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      1. mark

        Oh, right! I meant with the animation still intact. i.e: keyframe the start/end growth. Making it editable would just freeze it in its current state, right? Thanks again. Love your site!

  1. Darian

    Hello, quick question. I am following the tutorial below as I really like this effect. However I have not been able to import it into Element 3d as it gives me all kinds of weirness. I was hoping your totorial would fix that however when I click on the point Cache then click on store state it remains grayed out and I can not get any of the other tags to be made clickable. However if there is a better way of doing this I would greatly appreciate it

    In essence I am just tyring to get this to transfer over into Element 3d here is a link to what I am trying to do


    Any help would be appreciated


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