C4D Tutorial: Pose Morph Tag for Easy Animations


This is a quick C4D tutorial overview of the Pose Morph Tag. I’ll show you a way that I use the tag in my freelance sports work. Pose Morph is great for work other than character animation so make sure to play around with it!

My friend E.J. has made a couple of tutorials on the Pose Morph tag in the past, so make sure to check those out.

If you’re interested in the model you can check out our Video Board Pack

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    1. I used a Boole object with the screen and a cube inside of it. The cube cut away a portion of the screen, and I did that 3 times. Hope that makes sense! Cheers, Joren

  1. Joel Turner

    Thanks Joren! Great tut! I figured out how to use the boole to cut up the screen, but I’m having issues with the axis and it rotating the separate pieces correctly. In your hierarchy for each piece, did you leave each boole (with the cube and screen inside) as-is, or did you edit them? Also, did you manually change your axes?


    1. I took the boole objects and made them editable, since they are quite slow to work with. I then switched enable axis modification mode, which is shortcut L or a button on the left part of your screen. Then I moved the axis point to where I wanted it on each piece. Hope that helps you out!

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