Free C4D 3D Model: I-400 Submarine & Airplanes

I have a pretty rad 3D model for you to feast yourselves on today you savages. This is by my main man Rick Ellis ( who also created the epic free SS United States ship and free Gas Station Model.

It’s a C4D 3D model of an I-400 Japanese WII Submarine and airplanes. Want some history? The I-400 class submarine of the Imperial Japanese Navy was the largest sub of World War II. It’s a submarine aircraft carrier able to carry three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft underwater, which is pretty awesome! They carried the planes underwater, surfaced, launched the planes, then submerged again quickly.

Massive thanks to Rick for sharing this incredible model. Enjoy!


Click here to download the free C4D 3D submarine model

    1. Jim

      Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful model.

    2. Matt Rody
      Matt Rody02-14-2015

      Thanks so much for the model! The detail is amazing. Just started rendering my first image with it. Love the site!

    3. Attilio Di Filippo
      Attilio Di Filippo02-16-2015

      Awesome model, many thanks for sharing! Pixellab my 3d favorite website!

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