Massive Free 3D Printable Scanned Sculpture Collection

Wow, I found the mother load of 3D scanned sculptures!! Can’t believe I didn’t know about this till now. The site is called My Mini Factory and part of their initiative is called “Scan the World.” They currently have over 12,000 free 3D models of famous sculptures! This is an unbelievable resource.

C4D 3D Printable Sculpture Models

The scans come as a 3D Object which is a .stl file and you can open with 3D Builder or Cinema 4D. You can 3D print these, if you have a printer, or else you can take them straight to C4D and increase your Instagram followers immediately with epic dailies. 🙂

Here’s a Buddha model I found on there:

C4D 3D Printable Sculpture Models

And here it is after I added some textures from our Octane Texture Packs and using the Scene 3: Shooting Room preset from our Octane Lighting Essentials.

C4D 3D Printable Sculpture Models

As you can see, these models are pretty epic! Here are some more details on the mission of My Mini Factory:

“Scan the World is an ambitious initiative that gives people the chance to experience 3D printed representations of artefacts in a remarkably tangible way, enabling the public to obtain content that they may never had physical access to otherwise. For people who would like to see particular objects of cultural significance in person or even have their very own copy to keep, Scan the World makes this all possible using cost effective 3D scanning and printing technologies.

Every object added to the Scan the World library originates from scanned data composed of a series of around 50 overlapping photographs in a process called photogrammetry, the raw scans are built using a software called Agisoft PhotoScan. By facilitating the proliferation of 3D scanning and printing, the project makes the public aware of its uses and how the technology is becoming an ever increasing part of our lives. Bridging the gap between technology and the public, Scan the World has become a community built platform and encourages people to get involved in different ways. With this in mind the project serves as a growing, living archive built by and for the public. But what can we do with printable facsimiles of cultural artefacts? The data that is collected for the objects is appropriately curated by users and professionals alike, serving as a concept for an open access museum of the future.”

Go to the Scan the World 3D Printable Sculptures Library



  • If you want some more information on the process of 3D scanning, plus some more freebies you can check out this post.
  • Another phenomenal resource is my friend Daniel Morrison who has a ton of free scan models for C4D on his site, Remnant Studios.
  • And finally, if you want some 3D scanned high resolution fruit models, check out this post. Enjoy!


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