Topowire for Cinema 4D

Quickly Create Dynamic Cables, Ropes or String

Topowire for Cinema 4D

Now works with R25 and S26! With a few clicks you can create dangling cables that are dynamic and connected to any objects you want. It’s incredibly fun to use, quick to set up and will save you a lot of time and headache. Say good-bye to slowly belting the end points of your splines to objects. Whew!

TopoWire for Cinema 4D Plugin

Here are some images of Topowire being used in the wild

TopoWire is a spline generator plugin that works by attaching splines to geometry. Those splines can instantly turn into dynamic splines with one click. You can either render them with the included hair material or you can check on “Generate Thickness” to render actual sweeped geometry. You can use Topowire for wires, yarn or cables inside of an object or to create lines attaching multiple objects. One slider takes straight lines and droops them all down to achieve the hanging wire effect. You can also add falloff to further dial in the look.

Topowire For Cinema 4D Plugin


  • Cinema 4D R14 and above

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