Exporting Models from C4D to Videocopilot Element Tutorial

Videocopilot Element After Effects 3D

David Biederbeck, from beckmotion.com, has been helping me out with converting The Pixel Lab model packs into Videocopilot Element 3D ready packs.

In this extensive tutorial he’ll go through the entire process of exporting a model from C4D to Element 3D. This includes how to bring in the geometry and also the textures. It’s a bit tricky, but this tutorial should give you a good picture of the workflow.

Make sure to check out the Element ready 3D model packs here: thepixellab.net/element-3d-ready-model-packs

Get the free Espresso Machine here: thepixellab.net/free-c4d-3d-model-espresso-machine


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