PXL+DIRT Rig for Octane: Grunge It Up!

FYI, Does not work with the current version of Octane. We will be discontinuing this product for future updates of Octane 🙁


I’m beyond stoked to share this Octane for C4D product. Quickly add complex dirt, grunge and worn looks to your materials. You can also add stickers and patterns. The best part is that it takes very complex mix materials, noises, shaders and layers and puts them all in a very easy to use interface which is fast and fun to play around with. I hope you find it useful! I teamed up with Cedric Henry, from PXLNTWRk to make this available to you.



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Cinema 4D Octane GrungeCinema 4D Octane Grunge

(2 images above created by Brian Sellors)


  • Cinema 4D (works with R21 now)
  • Octane for C4D V 3.06 minimum. Works on latest version of Octane.
  • Note: It conflicts with the CV Layers Plugin. If you un-install CV Layers it will work fine.

New Update Just Released: April 2018

V.2 includes the ability to add bitmaps to the displacement channel plus more!


Loving the added displacement feature! Also getting freaked out by the insane node trees of fully dirty materials. Thank goodness you’ve simplified it to such a clean and straightforward interface. I can’t imagine creating all of these mixed materials from scratch!”  Philip Gedarovich of Create Great Studios

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“Dude, your dirt script is a lifesaver. Wasted hours yesterday trying to get the same look I got in 5 minutes with it. Thanks you!” Taylor Enzminger 

PXL + Dirt Rig for Cinema 4D


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17 Responses
    1. Lemmy

      SORRY ! I´m an idiot.
      Works perfecly with R14. I had not the latest Octane version 3.06
      TOP Work.
      I love this stuff

  1. carlo macchiavello

    i suppose is Octane texture related plugin, have you ever thought to pack for other Octane plugin? i talk about lightwave3d, maya, max etc

  2. Timo

    This plugin saved me lots of time I would have to spend in the Octane node editor. On top of that the result looks much better than when I would do it myself.

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