Technology Pack for Element 3D


I’m excited to share our Technology Pack for Videocopilot Element 3D with you! This product was created by Remco van der Meer and converted to Element 3D by Vic Garcia. The pack has 49 technology themed models prepared for Element. Below are all of the included models. These renders were done straight out of After Effects:

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3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_wacom-tablet 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_vintage-projector 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_vintage-fotocamera 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_tv-2011 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_telescope 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_tech-screen 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_sphere-screen-2 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_security-camera 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_sd-card3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_screenbot 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_radio-retro 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_polaroid 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_marantz-audio-receiver 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_lensbaby 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_lens-50mm 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_lens-28mm-tokina 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_imac3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_headphones3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_gopro-hero-33d-model-element3d-videocopilot_film-projector3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_electronic-componenets3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_dynacord-speaker3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_drone3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_dji-ronin3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_curved-tv3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_canon-ef-70-200mm-lens3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_blackmagic-camera3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_audio-speaker3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_audio-speaker-33d-model-element3d-videocopilot_audio-speaker-23d-model-element3d-videocopilot__vintage-camera3d-model-element3d-videocopilot__sphere-screen3d-model-element3d-videocopilot__sattelite3d-model-element3d-videocopilot__octocopter3d-model-element3d-videocopilot__imac-20023d-model-element3d-videocopilot__gopro-session3d-model-element3d-videocopilot__3d-printer3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_circuit-board3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_computer-desk 3d-model-element3d-videocopilot_lens-17-40mm

Click to buy now for only $40

The models are Element 3D ready. All you have to do is unzip the file, drag the folder into your documents/videocopilot/models/My_Models folder and they will be ready to use. If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at:

Also, we have a Cinema 4D version of this product if you’re interested. You can find that here.

This pack includes the following Element 3D models:

  • Printer Element 3D Model
  • Audio Speaker Element 3D Model: 3 Versions
  • Blackmagic Camera Element 3D Model
  • Circuit Board Element 3D Model
  • Computer Desk Element 3D Model
  • Curved Ultra HD TV Element 3D Model
  • DJi Ronin Camera Gimbal Element 3D Model
  • Drone Element 3D Model
  • Dynacord Speaker Element 3D Model
  • Electronic Components Element 3D Model
  • Ethernet Cables Element 3D Model
  • Film Projector Element 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero 3 Element 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero Session Element 3D Model
  • Headphones Element 3D Model
  • iMac 2015 Element 3D Model
  • iMac 2002 Vintage Element 3D Model
  • 17-40mm Lens Element 3D Model
  • 28mm Lens Element 3D Model
  • 50mm Lens Element 3D Model
  • EF 70-200mm Element 3D Model
  • Lensbaby Element 3D Model
  • Marantz Audio Receiver Element 3D Model
  • Octocopter Element 3D Model
  • Polaroid Camera Element 3D Model
  • Radio Retro Element 3D Model
  • Roto Robot Arm Element 3D Model
  • Satellite Element 3D Model
  • ScreenBot Element 3D Model
  • SD Card Element 3D Model
  • Security Camera Element 3D Model
  • Sphere Camera Element 3D Model
  • Tech Screen Element 3D Model
  • Telescope Element 3D Model
  • TV 2011 Element 3D Model
  • Vintage Camera Element 3D Model
  • Vintage FotoCamera Element 3D Model
  • Vintage Projector Element 3D Model
  • Wacom Tablet and Pen Element 3D Model

Click to buy now for only $40




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