Introducing the 3D Rooftop Pack

Pixel Lab Rooftop Scene

I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Rooftop Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with my buddy Remco van der Meer and Tim Schurink. We’ve created a huge pack with over 30 roof scene elements.

If you’re doing anything related to an urban or city environment you can add in any of these models to increase the detail of your scene. I really hope this pack will be helpful to you!

(Click any images for larger view)


The models are made with Cinema 4D R12 and include textures. NOTE: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12. You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time! Many of these models are worth well over $30 individually so we have again provided a great deal in the hopes of making this affordable for everyone! If you have any questions about the pack, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

This pack includes the following C4D models:

  • 7 generic 3D Rooftop models to start you out
  • 2 different air conditioning unit 3D models
  • A 3D antenna model
  • A 3D antenna rig with multiple fixtures
  • A 3D rooftop billboard model
  • A chimney model
  • A rooftop generator model
  • A whole set of different 3D pipes you can build with
  • A rainwater barrel model
  • Roof tiles
  • A rooftop access 3D building
  • 2 different roof top vent models
  • A satellite dish model
  • A sky light model
  • A set of solar panel 3D models
  • A telephone pole and fixtures model
  • A rooftop ventilation unit model
  • An old metal water tower model
  • An old wooden water tower model
  • Window washing bucket, squeegee and sponge
  • A window washing platform


    1. Todd Day
      Todd Day03-06-2013

      WOAH! Amazing stuff, Joren! This is a must buy for me in the next few days… Thank you!

    2. rick

      nice, but I skip this one,
      reminds me of the Irooftop models, and already bought them a while ago,

      this is far cheaper pricing though

    3. eduardo Meireles
      eduardo Meireles03-06-2013

      Great stuff as always.. You `r the man.

    4. Glyn Davidson
      Glyn Davidson03-06-2013

      That’s a ridiculously reasonable asking price for something that’s obviously taken a lot of work!

    5. Terry kim
      Terry kim03-07-2013

      Wow~~!!! It’s Good!!!

    6. mister_key

      Good djob.

    7. Luciano Daluz
      Luciano Daluz03-22-2013

      Do we need V-RAY to render this textures?

      • Joren

        No, you don’t! All you need is Cinema 4D and you’re good to go!

    8. Dex


      do you give fbx files with ?

      Thanks !

      • Joren

        Hey mate, no it’s only .c4d, sorry about that!

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